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In our reading from Exodus 12 today, God tells the children of Israel that the night of the Passover will be a “vigil for the Lord throughout their generations.” And so it remains to this very day. In the Gospel reading from Matthew 12, Jesus cures many people. But He “warned them not to make him known.” His hour had not yet come.

On numerous occasions in the Gospels, Jesus tells those whom He has healed not to tell anyone. Usually it didn’t work; they would go around and tell everyone about the miracle they had just experienced. You and I are under no such mandate. Quite the contrary, in fact. We should not be quiet for one moment!

Jesus still heals today. He still works miracles every day. And when we recieve one of these healings, when we experience a miracle, we cannot keep it on the down low. We must make Jesus known! So maybe today would be a good day for us to recall the many miracles that Jesus has performed in our lives. And then, like the song says, Go tell it on the mountain!

Father, give us the grace today to make Jesus known to others; to share the many graces and miracles He has given us. Amen.

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