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In the first reading today from Wisdom 18, we get kind of an overview of the Passover and Israel’s escape from Egypt. In the Gospel reading from Luke 18, Jesus tells the story of a widow who wants to get a ruling from a corrupt judge. She continues to pester him to give her a fair ruling. Because of her persistence, he finally does so.

We need to pray like teenagers. What do I mean by that? Well, if you have had a teenager, you probably know exactly what I mean. In my experience, teenagers are relentless when they want something. I used to tell my youngest daughter that she would make a great attorney or debater, because when she wanted something badly enough, she never gave up. She would pester me until I caved in. She was like a pit bull! The nice thing is, she will take that same tenacity into her career.

Jesus told this parable to teach persistence in prayer. Unlike a human parent, God doesn’t get bothered if we come back to Him again and again, even with the same requests. In fact, He likes it! The more He hears from us, the more He likes it. So don’t ever think that you are pestering God. No matter how often you keep coming back, you’ll never reach His threshold of pestering.

Father, thank you for hearing our prayers. And hearing our prayers. And hearing our prayers. And hearing our prayers. And…answering our prayers, because we continue to bring them. Amen.

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