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Happy Grandparents' Day! I say that because today the Church celebrates the Feast of Saints Joachim and Anne. Tradition tells us they were the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Jesus' grandparents! In the Gospel reading from Matthew 13, the disciples ask Jesus, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?” Be sure to read His answer.

Parables are a great way to communicate messages that may be difficult to understand. In essence, they are stories with a lesson. Unfortunately, sometimes the parable can be hard to understand. This happened often with Jesus and His disciples. When they didn’t get it, He would explain.

Jesus was a great story teller. This can have positive and negative aspects to it. On the positive side, people love a good story. It gets them to listen, to relate. On the negative side, sometimes the message may get lost in the story. I’m afraid there are many to whom this has happened with Jesus. They see Jesus as nothing more than a wise story teller. They lose the message that Jesus is the eternal Son of God. They like the message, but minimalize the messenger. If they only realized that, in this case, the story teller is actually greater than the story.

Father, help us to realize that Jesus is more than just a great story teller. Help us to spread the word that the messenger is Your Beloved Son. Amen.

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