Joseph’s Role in Salvation

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The Christmas story continues to unfold in today’s liturgy. Yesterday we read the genealogy of Jesus. In today’s first reading from Jeremiah 23 the LORD says, “I will raise up a righteous shoot to David.” In order to fulfill the prophesy, Jesus’ earthly father had to be a descendant of David. Today we concentrate on Joseph.

The Gospel reading from Matthew 1 tells us that Joseph was “a righteous man.” Recall the words of the prophesy from Jeremiah 23 – a righteous shoot. Joseph uttered not a word that is recorded in Scripture. But we know that he was righteous from his actions.

Imagine being the man chosen to raise the Messiah. What an overwhelming responsibility! Yet Joseph took the job without so much as a peep. He taught Jesus how to be a man. I believe that every father should have a devotion to St. Joseph. We can certainly all learn from him. As Jesus certainly honored his father, so should we.

Father, we thank you for the gift and the example of St. Joseph. May we always imitate him and do your will no matter what. Amen.

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