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In today’s first reading from 2 Samuel, Nathan the prophet gives David a message from the Lord. God promises that from David’s line would come the Messiah. “Your house and your kingdom shall endure forever before me; your throne shall stand firm forever.” In the Gospel reading today from Mark 4, Jesus tells the parable of the sower of the seeds.

After telling his parable, the disciples didn’t understand. Jesus seems a bit perturbed. But He explains the parable to them. He starts out, “The sower sows the word.” Then He goes on to explain about the different places where the word fell. If you’re not familiar, you can read Jesus’ explanation for yourself. I have always felt that, at some point in our lives, we may each have experienced the different conditions that Jesus describes. It is my greatest hope that today you and I fall into the category of the rich soil, where the seed takes root and bears fruit thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.

What also strikes me is our dual role in this parable. As Christians, as evangelists, I hope that we are not just receivers of the seed (word), but sowers also. As we receive the word and it bears fruit in us, we must then take on the role of sower. We are tasked with sowing the seed to other lives and places. This always reminds me of the story of Johnny Appleseed, who went about the countryside sowing apple seeds hither and yon. We must do the same, but with the seed of the gospel. So, we should be Johnny Gospelseed! The one thing we must be cautious of is not taking it personally when the seed does not take root and bear fruit. Yes, we must sow the seed of the word. And we must sow it anywhere and everywhere. But it is ultimately God who waters and makes it grow. Our job is simply to sow and pray, sow and pray.

Father, we thank you that your Word has taken root in us. Help us to bear fruit for the Kingdom. Give us the grace to sow the seed of your Word, and rejoice as it bears fruit in others. Amen.

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