Jesus, Mary and Joseph

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The Sunday after Christmas is always the Feast of The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. All of the readings center on family themes.

Anyone with an ounce of honesty would have to admit that the family is under attack. A recent study showed that nearly a quarter of American children now live in a single-parent home. This is not meant to denigrate single parents. Lord knows most of them are doing the best they can in difficult circumstances. But this situation is not optimal.

Study after study reveals that children thrive most when raised by a father and mother. This is how God created the family as the building block of society. Satan definitely has his hand in the high divorce rate, abuse, addiction and the lack of commitment these days. Let's pray for families and marriages, that all may follow the will of God, as the Holy Family always did.

Father, bless families, marriages, parents and children. May all families keep you at the center of their lives. Amen.

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