Jesus Loves the Little Children

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Today’s Gospel reading from Mark 5 tells the story of two healings. A synagogue official named Jairus asks Jesus to come to his home and cure his young daughter, who was near death. Jesus agrees to do so. While on the way, a woman touches Jesus’ cloak. Immediately she is healed, because of her faith.

Jesus then continues on to Jairus’ house, but his servants come out to tell him it’s too late; the girl has died. Even though they ridiculed Jesus for going in, He goes in and raises the little girl. This story is very close to my heart. Last year when I was in the Holy Land, we went to Magdala, where it is believed Jairus lived and where this story took place. It was quite overwhelming for me and my wife.

We see in this and other instances that Jesus has a heart for children. For those of us who are parents, we must always remember this. Jesus wants to do for us just what He did for Jairus – heal our children. When our children are ill or lost and have wandered away from God, we must bring them to Jesus. He loves them even more than we do, and wants to heal them in every way they need to be healed.

Father, as we offer you our lives, we give you our families, too – especially our children. May they experience the healing touch of Jesus always. Amen.

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