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Today in the Gospel reading from Matthew 9, we see two miracle healings. The two are similar, yet very different. And we can learn lessons from both of them. A synagogue official comes and tells Jesus that his daughter has just died. He asks Jesus to bring her back. So Jesus and his retinue set out for the man’s house.

Along the way, a woman afflicted with hemorrhages for twelve years sneaks up on Jesus and touches his cloak. She knew that if she but touched him, she would be healed. Jesus knew that someone had touched him and when the woman fessed up, Jesus said to her, “Courage, daughter! Your faith has saved you.” The woman was healed immediately. When they arrive at the official’s house, they tell Jesus that the girl is already dead. But Jesus persists. They ridicule Him, but He goes in and brings the girl back to life.

Two healings, two different situations. In the one, the woman goes to Jesus for herself. In the other, someone comes on another’s behalf. In both, Jesus heals. This is a wonderful lesson for us. Never be ashamed or afraid to seek healing for yourself. And always be bold enough to ask for healing for others. It doesn’t matter what others think. Jesus can and does heal.

Father, give us the faith of the two people in today’s Gospel reading. May we always come to Jesus for healing, whether for ourselves or others. Amen.

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  • Carl: July 06, 2021

    What struck me was the last paragraph of the first reading (Gn 28): Jacob then made this vow: “If God remains with me, to protect me on this journey I am making and to give me enough bread to eat and clothing to wear, and I come back safe to my father’s house, the LORD shall be my God."

    It reminded of how many times I have “bargained” with God and made promises if He only did what I asked of Him. All done with sincerity, but how many then were forgotten with the passage of time.

    I pray to do better keeping my word to Him Who always keeps His Word!

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