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When you die, do you believe that you will only become worm food? Or is there something more? As Christians, we profess the resurrection of the body. You see, our faith in Jesus is not just about living a good life here on earth. It has to do with eternity. Read today’s first reading from 1 Corinthians 15 for more of St. Paul’s thoughts about this.

In our Gospel reading from Luke 8, St. Luke mentions a number of women who accompanied Jesus and the Twelve, and that they “provided for them out of their resources.”

Women were a very important part of the Church from the get-go. In fact, Jesus’ earthly life began with a woman – the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today, many are up in arms about “equality” in the Church. They think that the Church oppresses women because She (Christ’s Church – hmm…the Church is referred to as a woman!) won’t ordain women. Know this: all are equal in God’s eyes. Each has a specific role in God’s plan. (St. Paul talks about that in 1 Corinthians 12.) Whether you’re a man or a woman, open your heart to God’s plan for your life today.

Father, may we always be open to your will in our lives. Help us to be humble and submissive to the teachings of Mother Church. Amen.

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Why won’t the Church ordain women? Find the answer to that and many other questions in A Minute in the Church, available at


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