It’s About the Birth of a Child

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Merry Christmas to you and your family! The big day has finally arrived. All the shopping is done. Now is the day to go to church, to thank God for the gift of his Son, for our redemption and our salvation. A day to open presents, spoil our kids and just be with family.

We Christians often talk about the real meaning of Christmas. We put those nice “Keep Christ in Christmas” magnets on our cars. We make sure to wish others Merry Christmas instead of the generic Happy Holidays. But there is one thing that perhaps we’re missing. If not missing, then certainly not emphasizing enough. Christmas is about birth – the birth of a child.

Our culture today is becoming less and less open to life. Contraceptive use is nearly universal. Abortion is “the law of the land.” The president of the United States once quipped that he wouldn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby.” I don’t mean to make a political statement (so no need to email me with any chastisement), because this goes much deeper than that. This is a spiritual malady. One that we must repent of, and turn our hearts to the God of life.

Father, we thank you for the gift of your Son, come to us as a baby. May we value every life, as we see Christ in every person. Amen.

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