It’s a Small World After All

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Well we made it to Israel! Our flight out of Tampa was delayed again and again until we thought we were for sure going to miss our flight to Israel. God’s timing is again perfect! We made it to JFK in the nick of time to board the flight to Tel-Aviv. Unfortunately, Michelle’s luggage didn’t make the trip with us. Oh well…small potatoes. We would rather the luggage miss the flight than us.

We spent the first night in Jerusalem. As we walked through the Old City, we made our way to the Holy Sepulchre. As I was walking toward the entrance to the Holy Sepulchre, I noticed someone dressed like Jesus standing there. This is where it gets cool. I said to Michelle, “I think that’s James (aka The Jesus Guy). James is an old friend who has dressed and lived like Jesus for the past 23 years. He’s been on Seize the Day and had dinner in our home. Michelle replied, “No way! We’re 6000 miles from home.”

As you may have already guessed, it was indeed James! We reconnected with him and invited him to have dinner with us in the Old City. Talk about the work of the Holy Spirit! Seems old Walt Disney was right after all – it is a small, small world!

Here are pictures of our hotel and our chance encounter with James.

Notre Dame Center

Notre Dame Center

Lino, James and Gus

Lino, James and Gus


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