How to Live in a Godless World

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In today’s first reading from Titus 2, St. Paul has advice for everyone – older men, older women, younger women and younger men. Yep! I think that covers us all!

After addressing these individual groups, he says this: “For the grace of God has appeared, saving all and training us to reject godless ways and worldly desires and to live temperately, justly and devoutly in this age…eager to do what is good.”

Let’s be honest here, the world is becoming more and more godless. God is being shoved out of the public square and all other areas of life. We’re being told there is no such thing as sin any more. Want to satisfy your worldly desires? Go ahead! That old notion of God you have is wrong! There is no such thing! You know what to do with that nonsense? Reject it. Read again what St. Paul says. His how-to on how to live is still valid today – no matter what “the world” may tell you.

Father, help us to reject the godlessness all around us. May we live our lives for you, and show others the way to you through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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