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Today is Veterans Day in the USA. How appropriate that in the Church today is the Feast of St. Martin of Tours. St. Martin was a military man. He was baptized at 18 after having a vision of Jesus.

There are many similarities between the military life and the spiritual life. The biggest that come to mind are discipline, obedience and sacrifice. In the military, you go where your superiors tell you to go, and do what they tell you to do. Seems to me we should be the same with God. We should be people of commitment. (Seems to be a dirty word in today’s society.)

I am not a veteran. I have never been in the military. But I have the utmost respect for all the men and women who serve or have served our nation. They have sacrificed much for our freedoms. Regardless of any religious affiliation, I see that as being Christ-like. May God bless and protect our veterans.

Father, we thank you for the many sacrifices of our military men and women. Watch over them and help them and their families, we pray. Amen.

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