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Holy Saturday is an interesting day. It reminds me of waiting in the doctor’s office waiting room after you have had some tests run. You’re kind of in a state of limbo. Hopeful that the results will come back good, but still having that creeping sense of doubt.

I suppose this is what Jesus’ disciples felt like on this day. They had just been put through a horrendous test. The Master had been killed. Brutally hung on a cross. Would they ever see Him again? Certainly the hope was there. And yet, they must also have felt a real sense of hopelessness. The one that they thought was the Messiah was gone. How could God do this to them? How could God do this to Him? Imagine how they must have felt.

Of course, we have the benefit of knowing the end of the story. And tonight (Easter Vigil) or tomorrow (Easter Mass) we will have the joy of celebrating the Resurrection. If you walk into a Catholic church today, you will see that the altar is bare. But this is just “the calm before the storm.” Only this “storm” is the most joyous storm in the history of eternity!

Father, we pray that we have grown during our Lenten journey. Fill us with anticipation as we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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  • Sharon: April 05, 2021

    Happy Easter, Gus! I read your 60 second reflections every morning. Thank you so much for your insight. There is always some little line in the readings that you pick out and make special. You are gifted. I enjoy listening to your program also. Thanks again. Sharon

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