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Many parishes (including mine) will use the readings for Year A in the liturgical cycle today. We do this because our RCIA candidates and catechumens will be going through what is called “scrutinies” over the next three weeks. Today I want to reflect on the Year A Gospel reading from John 4 – the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.

Jesus is in Samaria and stops at Jacob’s well. This is important because Jews most often avoided Samaritan territory. He begins speaking to a woman there, and He tells her things about her life that He couldn’t possibly have known. This causes her to believe that she has encountered a great prophet, and she goes off and tells her friends about Him. Many came to have faith in Him because of her testimony.

Do you sometimes cringe at the fact that Jesus knows everything about you? I know I do. There are so many dark things that I would much rather keep hidden. Yet, even though He knows everything about me, He still loves me. The same is true for you. And since we cannot hide anything from Him, we should have nothing to hide. Open yourself completely to Christ today. Even with all your baggage, He loves you more than you’ll ever know.

Father, help us to stop trying to hide. We open ourselves up completely to Jesus today, and accept His amazing love. Amen.

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