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I'm going to go outside the lines a bit today and not talk about the Scripture passages in the Mass. You can read them by clicking on the link below. I want to share about something else today.

Today is my and Michelle's 42nd wedding anniversary. I could never put into words just how blessed I am. God put us together and has kept us together through all the joys and sorrows that so many couples experience. I love her more today than I did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and on and on. And that's why I want to share a slice of our life together.

Every day I ask my bride a question - the same question, actually. "Have I told you how much I love you today?" You see, I don't want a single day to go by without her knowing how much I love her. I believe couples should express their love for each other every day. Because you never know when this could be your last today.

Happy Anniversary, my love!

Father, thank you for the graces of the Sacrament of Matrimony. May all couples keep you at the center of their lives and marriages. Amen.

Today's Readings

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  • Carl: August 03, 2022

    Happy Anniversary to you and Michelle, Gus! It will be an easy date to remember as it is also the birthday of our twin grandsons!

    May you be blessed with many more!

  • Joe Blandford: August 01, 2022

    Very Happy Anniversary to you and Michelle, Gus! Hope you have many more. I heard part of your program this morning while driving, was surprised to hear of your church, Mary, Help of Christians, in Fairborn, OH. My wife, Marilyn, taught there in 1959-1960, when I was stationed at WPAFB, our first assignment after we were married, some 63 years ago. Strange thing is that was before she converted from Southern Baptist to Catholicism, can you imagine, she, a Southern Baptist, teaching Religion in a Catholic school. However, as is pretty well known, the Baptists are for the most part great scholars of the Bible. She falls in that same mold, when she was interviewed by the priest there, he said she knew more about the bible than most Catholics and hired her.
    Thanks for all you folks do! God bless you.
    Joe Blandford

  • Tony and Mary Ann D.: August 01, 2022

    Happy Anniversary!!! Thank you for your example and words of encouragement every day!!! Love your radio show!!!

  • Clara Lerma: August 01, 2022

    Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd. May God bless you both with many more years together as one ❤️

  • Gloria: August 01, 2022

    Happy Anniversary!! Many blessings to you both!!

  • Carol: August 01, 2022

    Happy anniversary, Gus and Michelle. Thank you for your wonderful witness to the sacrament of marriage. ❤️

  • Pat K: August 01, 2022

    Happy anniversary Michelle and Gus!

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