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Today's Gospel reading from Matthew 25 is known as the parable of the talents. Jesus tells the story of a man who goes on a journey and gives talents to three of his servants, expecting them to invest them and grow his investment upon his return.

Talents were coins that varied in value, but could be up to 20 years wages for an average laborer. Bottom line: this was a large sum given to each. The first was given five and doubled his master's investment. The second was given two and he, too, doubled that. The third was given one and he buried it and gave back the one talent to his master. The master punished him severely for not investing.

These talents represent faith. In other words, God expects us to use and grow the faith we have been given. If we fail or refuse to do so, things will not go well. So how are you "investing" and growing your faith today?

Father, help us not to be lazy, but to always be about growing and sharing our faith. Amen.

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