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Today's Gospel reading from Mark 12 is an important one for Catholics to know to help explain the Communion of Saints. After speaking about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jesus says, "He is not God of the dead but of the living." Catholics believe that those in heaven are not "dead people," but very much alive!

In the first reading today from Tobit 3, two people consider ending their lives. But that's not how the story ends. God hears their cries and sends Raphael (the archangel) to heal them.

God certainly could have healed both of these people without anyone's "help." But He chose to send someone into their lives to help them. I believe that is often how God works. He sends people into our lives, often unbeknownst to us, to heal us, to guide us, to lead us back to Him. If God has ever done that for you, thank Him for it. And be open to the possibility that someone is in your life this very day who was sent by God.

Father, thank you for sending others into our lives to aid us on our journey. May we be open to being sent into the lives of others by you for that purpose. Amen.

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  • Carl: June 08, 2023

    Tobit is one of my favorites – a great love story and of faith!

    Amen Gus. I have long believed that God speaks to us through people. As long as I remember that I too am a “people,” I tend to behave better!

    God bless!

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