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In today’s first reading from Wisdom 2, we see Jesus. Not mentioned by name, of course, but the prophesy spells out in great detail the circumstances surrounding the passion and death of Jesus Christ.

In our Gospel reading from John 7, the Jews continue in their plot to have Jesus killed. “So they tried to arrest him, but no one laid a hand upon him, because his hour had not yet come.” In other words, it was not God’s timing that Jesus be put to death at that moment.

God’s timing is perfect. I suspect you’ve seen this play out in your life. I remember a young man who once told me that, until God calls him home, he’s bulletproof. He didn’t say this in a cocky way. He just knew that God would take him home in His perfect time and until then, there was nothing anyone could do. He didn’t know when that time was, but he was okay with whenever that may occur. Are you? And are you making the most out of every moment before that time comes? I hope so. Because God’s timing is perfect.

Father, we’re open to your holy will and your perfect timing. Keep us always in your will until the moment you call us home. Amen.

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