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Today the Church celebrates two giants of the faith. It is the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Interesting, isn’t it? You would think that, given the importance of each, they would both have their own feast day. I mean, after all, Peter was the first Pope, the one who got the keys to the Kingdom. (See today’s Gospel reading.) And Paul was the great Apostle to the Gentiles; the author of the better part of the New Testament. Why wouldn’t each have his own feast day?

Perhaps the importance and contribution of each to the Body of Christ is precisely why they share a feast day. When you think about it, it seems rather fitting, really. And I suppose if you asked them, neither of them would mind sharing a feast day with the other. They probably wouldn’t want any feast day at all, as long as Christ was proclaimed.

They were like that. No need to focus on them. Focus on Christ. That was their message. That was their mission. And though each was called to a special leadership role in the Church, they always wielded their authority with charity and grace, always making sure that the message of the Gospel came through loud and clear. Two thousand years later, I’d say that worked out pretty well, wouldn’t you?

Father, we thank you for the example of Saints Peter and Paul; for their leadership and witness. Bless the leaders of our Church today, that they may imitate Saints Peter and Paul, always proclaiming Christ Jesus in word and in deed. Amen.

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