Friday, December 18, 2015

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Today was Project Christmas Phase III today on Seize the Day! Together, we raised $20,565 for Operation Once in a Lifetime! Founder Sgt. Patrick Sowers joined Gus and told the story of SSgt. Jonathan Bone, who passed away earlier this week suddenly, leaving behind a wife and four children. We also raised money for Sgt. Girdlers and his family. He is a 100% disabled veteran who experienced kidney failure recently. It’s set his family back considerably and we were raise money to get them caught up on their mortgage and give their kids a nice Christmas. Lastly, we raised money for the veteran husband of Kimberly Davis and two of his fellow soldiers. They wish to go see their fallen brother Doug’s grave in Arlington National Cemetery. Doug was killed in Afghanistan two years ago. If you weren’t able to call in but wish to contribute, you can do so here.

Gus also talked with listeners who felt God spoke to them in a dream and, it’s Friday, so that means Prayer Time.

Operation Once in a Lifetime


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