Friday, December 11, 2015

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Gus talks with film director Andrew Hyatt about his recent offering “Full of Grace,” which will be released on DVD on January 5th. It is currently on an “Evenings of Reflection” tour. Click here to find it if it’s going to be shown at a parish near you!

Also, Gus talks about a news story concerning a group of self-professed “Muslims-turned-Christians” who are disrupting masses at Catholic churches in the Las Vegas area. This gets his blood boiling and he asks listeners what the right thing to do is if they ever found themselves in this situation.

And, it’s Friday and that means we devote some time for prayer in Prayer Time and Gus also talks to listeners who are Christmas babies and asks them if they are a Christmas baby, did they ever feel short-shrifted or, if they’re the parent of a Christmas baby, how they balanced it all.


Full of Grace


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