Friday, April 29, 2016

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Ken Klukowski, senior counsel & director of Strategic Affairs for First Liberty Institute, calls in to give Gus an update on two religious freedom issues currently being fought in court. First up, is Gus Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Oregon couple who lost their bakery for running it according to their religious beliefs. The second is about Monifa Sterling, a Marine court-martialed for refusing to take down a Bible verse she had posted in her workplace.

And, Gus plays a couple of games with listeners. First, he invites listeners who aren’t Catholic or are going through RCIA to call in and answer questions about mass. Those who answer correctly win a copy of “A Minute in the Church: The Mass.” Then, it’s a couple rounds of “Get to Know Me” (Inspired by a relatively obscure but funny early 1990s SNL skit featuring John Lovitz pictured below). Listeners who get on the air are asked three questions about themselves and Gus rewards them with a prize from the prize closet.

Also, it’s Friday and that means we engage in some Prayer Time.

Get to Know Me


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