Feast of St. Matthew

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Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Matthew. His Jewish name was Levi. He is the author of the first Gospel. In his own Gospel account, he refers to himself as Matthew.

In the first reading today from Ephesians 4, St. Paul talks about the different “jobs” that some are called to in the Church. “And he gave some as Apostles, others as prophets, others as evangelists, others as pastors and teachers…” We all have a “job” to do in the Body of Christ. Do you know what yours is yet?

In the Gospel reading from Matthew 9, we read about the call of Matthew. Matthew was a tax collector and was on the job when Jesus called him, saying, “Follow me.” Without hesitation, Matthew got up and followed Jesus. This was probably seen by many as nothing short of scandalous. As a tax collector, Matthew was a traitor. He sold out to the Romans. Yet here is Jesus calling him to be one of the Twelve! It just goes to show that you never know who Jesus will call, and how that call will be made manifest. Sometimes the ones that we may least expect will be the ones that will do the most powerful work for the Kingdom.

Father, help us to always recognize your calling in our lives, and to encourage others to respond to the call of Jesus in their lives. Amen.

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