Fear and Love

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Some of the images we read about in the Book of Revelation can seem rather odd. That’s certainly the case in our first reading today from Revelation 4 – strange looking creatures covered with eyes and wings. The important thing is to get the message that God gives us through John’s visions.

In the Gospel reading today from Luke 19, Jesus tells the story of a nobleman who goes off and leaves some of his servants with gold coins and the instruction, “Engage in trade with these until I return.” Upon his return, the master learns that the first servant has doubled what he was given. The master says, “Well done, good servant!” He then finds that one of the servants did nothing with what he was given. He was afraid of the master, and his fear paralyzed him from action. This infuriates the master. Read about his reaction.

This is a wonderful story about how and why we serve God. If we serve Him out of love, we will gladly take the gifts we have been given and use them to the full. But when our motivation is fear, it will most likely paralyze us, and lead to inaction. Let’s be motivated by love and not fear, so that we may hear the Master say to us, “Well done, good servant!”

Father, may all that we say and do be done out of love for you. We want only to please you, and to hear you say, “Well done, good servant!” Amen.

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