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The Gospel reading for today, the Third Sunday of Easter, is the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. Two of Jesus' disciples are walking to Emmaus, a small village outside of Jerusalem, when they happen upon a stranger who they later realize is Jesus.

In the first reading from Acts 2, St. Peter says, "God raised this Jesus; of this we are all witnesses." Many came to believe because of Peter and the Apostles' testimony. But many refused to believe. They thought it was fake news.

We struggle much with fake news in our day. And many (many more?) today still think that Jesus rising from the dead is fake news. How do we dispel that notion? Well, we must always realize that the Holy Spirit is the changer of hearts, but if we really live out our faith by showing love and compassion, maybe we can have folks exchange "fake news" for the Good News.

Father, may we live out the example of Jesus Christ that others may come to believe in the real news, the Good News. Amen.

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  • Bernie Zdunich: April 27, 2020

    Right on, Gus. Thank you.

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