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Today's first reading from Acts 16 is the story of another jailbreak. More in a moment. In the Gospel reading from John 16, Jesus tells His disciples that He will send the Advocate to them. This is, of course, the Holy Spirit.

Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown into prison. Around midnight, a severe earthquake shook the prison and freed the prisoners. Now, do you think this earthquake was some random seismic event? Of course not. But the earthquake and jailbreak are great metaphors for our spiritual lives.

Sometimes, God uses a very powerful event to shake us up. (Get it?) And often, this seismic event is to free us from our prisons. We find ourselves prisoners to resentment, hate, negativity, lust, addictions - the list goes on and on. But then God comes crashing into our lives with his grace and voila! We're set free! Perhaps you've experienced that prison-freeing earthquake in your life. Be thankful. And be more open to other earthquakes coming your way. 

Father, send us that earthquake that will free us from the prisons in which we find ourselves. We await your earth-shaking grace today. Amen.

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