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In today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 13, Jesus explains the parable of the weeds and the wheat.

There are so many aspects to this parable, and messages for us. I’ve often commented about how we get to choose whether we want to be wheat or weeds. Jesus ends His explanation with this: “Whoever has ears ought to hear.”

One would think that most, if not all of Jesus’ disciples had ears – physically speaking. But Jesus wasn’t talking about the appendages on the side of our heads. He was talking about our hearts. His exhortation wasn’t about picking up sound vibrations, but about listening and heeding the message. Taking it to heart. That’s a lot different than just hearing.

Father, help us to hear Jesus’ messages with our hearts and our minds, and not just our ears. Amen.

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Today is Gus and Michelle’s 37th wedding anniversary. Please pray for them, and for all marriages!


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