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The first reading today is an Old Testament prophecy of the Messiah from the Book of Wisdom. Read it and see how it was fulfilled perfectly in the person of Jesus. In the Gospel reading from John 7, Jesus begins to reveal more about Himself, and how He was sent by the Father.

"To us he is the censure of our thought; merely to see him is a hardship. Because his life is not like that of others, and different are his ways." 

We know that Jesus' life was not like that of others. His ways were different. As Christians, we are called to imitate Christ. So this begs the question: are our ways different? Or are we acting just like non-believers that surround us? Would anyone notice that we act differently than the world? Or have we become so entrenched in the ways of the world that there is no difference in the way we act? Something to ponder today...

Father, help us to order our lives as Jesus did - to be different than the world. May we imitate Him in all we say and do. Amen.

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