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Happy 4th of July! In the USA, today is Independence Day. It’s the day we celebrate our breaking away from the British empire and declaring ourselves an independent nation. It’s a day of great pride for patriotic Americans.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid that we, as a nation, as a people, have taken the notion of independence to places that it should never go. While independence is a very good thing on some levels, when it comes to God, it is a very bad and dangerous thing. And I daresay that the USA is more and more renouncing its dependence on God. I feel pretty safe in saying that God is not pleased about this.

I think we need to declare a Dependence Day. A day set aside to declare that we are dependent on God. That without God, we can do nothing. Our currency still says, “In God We Trust.” Our pledge of allegiance says we are “one nation, under God…” But those notions are drifting further and further from the collective conscience of America. With all the recent falling away from religion and attacks on religious liberty, I’m afraid we’re becoming “one nation, without God.” Let us, as believers in Christ Jesus, lead the way in declaring every day Dependence Day!

Father, we’re so sorry for our nation breaking away from you, from your ways. Forgive us, Lord, and heal our land as we proclaim our dependence on you alone. Amen.

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  • June Ross: July 05, 2020

    God must look down on us and be so sorrowful seeing what we, His children are doing.
    Many do not attend church, or even think of our Lord.
    Now we have rioting, name calling, etc. We are literally tearing this country apart from the inside.
    Those of us that do believe in God are now the minority.

  • Sally: July 05, 2020

    Yes, agree that we do need to re-establish our dependence on God. I don’t believe it is a coincidence that the further we distance ourselves from God as a nation, the more divided we become. More than a coincidence, it is a direct result. Lord make us turn toward you and heal our nation.

  • Carl: July 05, 2020

    With all due respect, I think we are becoming less and less of “one nation” for all the reasons you cited and becoming more of a “divided nation.”

    It is time for the “silent majority” to start speaking out – or our future is very bleak.

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