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The Assyrians thought they were a pretty big deal. Small wonder, as they ran roughshod over anyone and everyone who stood in their way. More in a moment. In the Gospel reading from Matthew 11, Jesus says that the Father has revealed things of the Kingdom to the childlike.

Assyria was all that, and they knew it. In today’s first reading from Isaiah 10, the LORD says: “For he (Assyria) says, ‘By my own power I have done it, and by my wisdom, for I am shrewd…” They took credit for everything they had done. They didn’t acknowledge that their power and strength came from above. God was not impressed.

When we accomplish great things, it’s easy to get a big head. In fact, it’s often much easier to turn to God in our failures than in our successes. We need to make sure that we do both. Turn to God in good times and in bad. We must give credit where credit is due, and when we succeed, credit should always be given to One who gave the gift.

Father, forgive us for the times when we fail to give you credit for our blessings. May we always acknowledge you and share our blessings with all. Amen.

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