Bishops and Deacons (and Priests), Oh My!

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Today's Gospel story is one of gratuitous love. Jesus happens upon a man's funeral. He was the only son of a widow. Jesus, moved with pity for the mother, brings the man back from the dead. What an amazing gift for the grieving mother!

In our first reading from 1 Timothy 3, St. Paul gives his requirements for the office of bishop and deacon. Listen to some of the adjectives St. Paul uses to describe what these men should be like. irreproachable, temperate, self-controlled, gentle, dignified, not greedy. Sounds like a recipe for all of us.

Catholic bishops, who are all deacons and priests, by the way, are under great scrutiny these days. For some of them, justifiably so. It is an incredibly challenging call. We all know there are some who have fallen woefully short. But I believe that most are decent, honorable men doing the best they can. This should serve as a great reminder to pray regularly for all of our bishops and deacons and priests, Oh my!

Father, may our bishops, deacons and priests be the holy men that you have called them to be and serve your people well. Amen.

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  • Tony Zapata : September 26, 2023

    Pray especially for the Bishop of Rome. His actions and leadership are questionable if not troubling.

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