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Today is the Feast of St. Thomas. That’s right, Doubting Thomas. That story is our Gospel reading. More on that in a moment. Our first reading today from Ephesians talks about the Church being “built upon the foundation of the Apostles and prophets.” I think if you asked many “Bible Christians” what the foundation of our faith is, they would probably reply “the Bible, of course.” Better check with St. Paul on that one. The Catholic Church would say the teachings of Christ as passed on through the Apostles. Now back to Thomas.

Ah, yes…Doubting Thomas. You know, it’s really too bad that that is the moniker with which that guy has been stuck for 2000 years. After all, tradition tells us that Thomas brought the faith to India. He was obviously a well traveled evangelist. Chosen by Christ to bring the Good News to all. Yet all we remember him for is that one moment of doubt. That, my friend, is a bum rap for poor Thomas.

Imagine if, from now to eternity, you were remembered only for one really dumb thing you did in your life. Gus the Druggie. Thieving Gus. Lustful Gus. Gus the Fornicator. OK, OK…we get the picture! Enough already! It’s my hope that history will remember us at our best. Because I believe that is how God sees us. When Thomas went to heaven, do you think God said, “Yo, Doubter! Come on in!” I doubt it. (Oh, great…Doubting Gus!) I’m sure he heard, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” I hope we will, too.

Father, we thank you for the faith of Awesome Thomas. Give us the grace to spread the good news as he did. Amen.

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