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In our first reading today from 2 Kings 2, we see how Elijah was taken from the earth. More on that in a moment. Our Gospel reading is from Matthew 6. Jesus talks about almsgiving, prayer and fasting. This is the Gospel reading that we see every year on Ash Wednesday. It’s always good to be reminded about those three great pillars of Lent!

Elijah was taken up in a flaming chariot. (Ever see the film Chariots of Fire? That’s where the title comes from.) But before he is taken up, he tells his heir apparent, Elisha, to ask for anything that Elijah can do. Elisha’s answer is very telling. “May I receive a double portion of your spirit.” Elijah let him know that his wish would be granted. Interestingly, that played a large role in the ministry of Elisha. Elisha performed more miracles than his predecessor, Elijah.

Elisha was not afraid to “ask big.” Elijah said to him, “You have asked something that is not easy.” I’m sure Elisha knew this. But he was bold enough to ask. I believe that God wants us to do the same. Ask big. Stop settling for second best. I can assure you that God wants to, and will, deliver big. So often false humility keeps us from asking for God’s best. But our God is a big God. He can handle it. Ask big!

Father, we ask you today for your biggest blessings. Not for personal gain, but that we might glorify you and build up your Kingdom here on earth. Amen.

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