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In our Gospel reading today from John 16, Jesus again speaks about asking the Father in the name of Jesus. He promises the disciples that “the hour is coming when I will no longer speak to you in figures but I will tell you clearly about the Father.”

In the first reading today, we meet a fascinating man named Apollos. Apollos was a Jew, an eloquent speaker and an authority on the Scriptures. (Remember, in that day there was no New Testament, so the Scriptures comprised only the Old Testament.) We might think of him as one of the first Catholic apologists, one who explains and defends the faith. While he “spoke and taught accurately about Jesus,” he still needed further instruction, as he only knew of the baptism of John.

Many people think, mistakenly, I might add, that one needs to be a Scripture scholar to speak eloquently about Jesus. This isn’t necessarily so. Now, it is important to have a good working knowledge of Scripture. But I think it is even more important that we have a heart burning with love for Jesus. This will enable us to share the story of our relationship with Jesus and how He has worked in our lives. It is good to learn more and more about God’s written word and the teachings of the Church, but you don’t have to be a Scripture scholar to bring Christ to the world.

Father, give us a heart burning with love for Jesus, and a desire to know your holy word more, that we may more effectively share the Gospel with all. Amen.

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