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In our Gospel reading today from Luke 11, Jesus’ disciples ask Him to teach them how to pray. Jesus does. He teaches them the perfect prayer. We know it as the Our Father.

In the first reading from Jonah 4, we read, “Jonah was greatly displeased and became angry that God did not carry out the evil he threatened against Nineveh.” This wasn’t the only thing that honked Jonah off. Later he gets all atwitter about a plant. And God calls him on it. God reveals Jonah’s pettiness, his self-centeredness.

Have you ever been angry with God? I suspect we all have at one time or another. Here’s the good news: it’s okay. God is big enough to handle it. If you’re a parent, your children have been angry with you. I’m sure you were doing what was in their best interest. That doesn’t mean they liked it or agreed with it. It’s the same with God. He always only wants what’s best for us. Even if we lash out in anger, he still loves us. That’s what a Father does.

Father, help us to see, even in our anger, that you love us and only want what is best for us. Amen.

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