An Eternal Retirement Plan

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In the world, especially in business, there’s an old expression: Never expose your weakness. I think that’s why so many men don’t cry. They view it as a sign of weakness. In our first reading today, St. Paul turns that notion on its head. He says, “If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness.” Imagine it! Not only showing weakness, but boasting of it! And why would we boast of our weakness? Because in our weakness, God’s strength can shine through. In the Gospel reading from Matthew 6, Jesus talks about storing up treasure in heaven.

“For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” There’s an old saying…If you look at a person’s checkbook, you’ll see where their heart is. While that may be true, trust me when I tell you that my heart is not with the electric company, the gas station or the many other places that get my money each month. But it is a good thing to evaluate our finances every now and again and see if we are doing God’s work with our treasure.

I'm getting close to retirement age (whatever that is these days). Seems I can't go a day without someone reminding me that I need to be saving for my retirement. And while it's certainly prudent to do that here on earth, how much more important is it that we are putting aside for our heavenly retirement? Acts of kindness and generosity now will build up your treasure in heaven. How can you contribute to your account today?

Father, show us how we can store up treasures in heaven. Help us to lose our materialism, and concentrate on serving others. Amen.

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