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Our Gospel reading today from Mark 10 is about Bartimaeus, a blind beggar that wanted Jesus to restore his sight. He tells Jesus what he wants, and Jesus gives him his sight because of his faith.

In my book Magnetic Christianity, I talk about the eleven attributes of the Magnetic Christian. In the chapter on Approachability, I use this Gospel story as an example. When Bartimaeus began shouting, “Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me,” the people around rebuked him, trying to silence him. This made him all the more resolute, and he continued to shout out. Jesus could have ignored him, or even had one of his disciples minister to the blind man. But Jesus had Bartimaeus brought to Him. Jesus was approachable.

Do we imitate Jesus in this way? Do others feel comfortable coming to us? Even those who may not exactly be in our circle? Let’s remember this story of Bartimaeus and allow others in need to approach us, that they may feel the love and healing touch of Jesus when they do.

Father, may we be more approachable, especially with those we may not be so comfortable with. May all who approach us experience Christ. Amen.

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