An Abundant Harvest

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In the first reading today from Hosea 8, we see another long list of Israel’s offenses, including the making of golden calves and worshiping them. When there is confession and repentance, God no longer remembers our sins. But where there is neither, “He shall still remember their guilt and pusish their sins.” In our Gospel reading from Matthew 9, we hear Jesus say, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few.”

In those days, you could certainly see how the harvest of souls would be abundant. Jesus was just beginning to make Himself known to the world. Few knew of Him or about Him. Christianity was in its embryonic stages. An abundant harvest, indeed. A recent study found that 92% of Americans believe in God. And upwards of 80+% of Americans call themselves Christians. Surely nearly everyone knows about Jesus nowadays, right?

There is a huge difference between knowing ABOUT Jesus and KNOWING Jesus. I dare say that a large percentage of people in the pews of most Christian churches only know ABOUT Jesus, and most of those perfunctorily at best. Our task as laborers is to help them to KNOW Jesus. And to get to KNOW Him better ourselves. An abundant harvest? Even after 2000 years of preaching and teaching? You bet!

Father, help us to KNOW Jesus better each day. And give us the grace to introduce others to Him, too. Amen.

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