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A great reading from Acts 5 today. The court officers told the Apostles to knock off this teaching in the name of Jesus stuff. Their answer is awesome, and one that we should always take to heart…”We must obey God rather than men.” If only we kept that in mind more often, think of how much more fulfilling life would be! For our Gospel reading, we’re back in John 3. John talks about Jesus as “the one who comes from above.”

John says that God “does not ration his gift of the Spirit.” Interesting, isn’t it? God doesn’t say to one person, “Here, have a little bit of my Spirit,” and to another, “Here you have three times as much of my Spirit.” God offers us all a full portion of the Spirit. So why does it seem that some people get more than their fair share, yet others get zippo?

The answer is that each person accepts a different measure of the Spirit. Some are very open to the Spirit, while others close themselves off. Some may find certain gifts of the Spirit off-putting, while others may embrace them. No, God does not ration His gift of the Spirit. The question is how much do we want to accept?

Father, thank you for your gift of the Spirit. Help us to be open to all that you want for us. Amen.

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