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Today's first reading from Exodus 20 is the Ten Commandments. The Gospel reading from John 2 is about Jesus driving the merchants and money changers out of the temple.

I want to concentrate today on the last two sentences in the Gospel reading. "But Jesus would not trust himself to them because he knew them all, and did not need anyone to testify about human nature. He himself understood it well."

Jesus, fully human and fully divine, created us. He certainly knows human nature. That's why God gave us the Ten Commandments. If you look at the Commandments, they kind of go against our nature. Our nature is to be selfish, lazy, seeking the path of least resistance. We have to fight against this to keep the Commandments. But here's the great part: God offers us all the strength and grace we need to do it!

Father, help us to fight against the baser parts of our nature and to follow and obey you always. Amen.

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