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In today’s readings, we get lots more end times stuff. In the Gospel reading from Luke 21, Jesus talks about things to look for near the end. Many of these have been happening since time immemorial, so I suspect they will be ratcheted up greatly near the end.

In the first reading from Revelation 14, John gets a vision of angels harvesting the grapes on the earth. Of course, we’re not hearing about literal grapes. These are the souls of earth being separated according to what kind of fruit they bore. “He threw it into the great wine press of God’s fury.”

Many today don't even want to acknowledge that "fury" can be associated with God. And even if God does have fury, this may be reserved for a select few - mass murderers or despots, perhaps. Thinking this way could be a fatal mistake. While we acknowledge God’s great mercy, we must still have a healthy fear of hell. How do we stay out? I think I have a winning formula: Have faith in Christ, repent, avail ourselves of the grace of the sacraments. Repeat often.

Father, increase our faith and give us a repentant heart, as you pour out your grace on us, that we may live with you forever. Amen.

Today’s Readings

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