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On Wednesday, March 14, a man who called himself Tommy called in to Seize the Day. Tommy was belligerent from the outset, and claimed that he had decided to leave the Catholic Church, and that his leaving was my fault. This all came about after I had read the text of an ad that was published in the New York Times by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The ad was filled with lies, falsehoods and innuendo, and I called them out on it; I wanted to set the record straight. This is when “Tommy” called.

After his brief rant, Tommy hung up on me. After Tommy hung up, I spent the next 4 minutes responding to Tommy. My response was less than charitable. I acted out of woundedness. That is why I want to take this opportunity to make a public apology.

I am sorry. While I stand by my claim that I am not responsible for Tommy leaving the Catholic Church, my tone and my tenor were not in the spirit of Christian charity. In retrospect, it breaks my heart that Tommy, or anyone else, would walk away from the Eucharist. That Tommy would leave the Sacraments because of any reason is a tragedy. I don’t know Tommy’s heart. I don’t know if he was a “plant” or was sincere. All I know is that I acted out of anger and did not exercise the self-control that I should have as a Christian “leader.” And so I apologize. I apologize the Tommy, and to anyone that I may have offended or led astray.

I cannot say that something like that will never happen again; I’m pretty sure that it will. But hopefully next time I will give a bit more thought before I go shooting my mouth off. I ask only your forgiveness.

By the way, if you’re thinking of leaving the Church, please take some time to think it over. Get educated, learn the true teachings of the Church. And don’t let the actions of a person or persons determine whether or not you will remain a part of Christ’s Church.

God Bless!



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