A Mother’s Miracle

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In the first reading today from 1 Timothy 3, we read about St. Paul’s requirements for the office of bishop and deacon. These passages always remind me to pray for our clergy. I often speak about how difficult it would be to be a bishop in today’s world. They have to have so many skills. They have to be a politician, administrator, boss, teacher, etc. But their foremost job is to be a holy man, so that they can be a good shepherd for their flock. Pray for your bishop today!

We see a very interesting story in today’s Gospel reading from Luke 7. Jesus comes upon a funeral procession. The mother of the deceased young man was in the procession. She was a widow, and he was her only son. Jesus, moved with pity, tells the young man to arise. “The dead man sat up and began to speak, and Jesus gave him to his mother.”

Can you imagine? What an amazing miracle! And right out of left field for the woman. We often hear about how important faith is. And it is. But in this instance, there is no mention of faith, no mention of anyone asking Jesus for anything. This is just a wonderful example of Jesus’ gratuitous love for us. The next time we think about putting limits on God’s power, and who He can touch, we would do well to remember this story. Because miracles can come from waaaay out in left field.

Father, keep us always ready to witness a miracle, especially when we least expect them. Amen.

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