A Public Apology

On Wednesday, March 14, a man who called himself Tommy called in to Seize the Day. Tommy was belligerent from the outset, and claimed that he had decided to leave the Catholic Church, and that his leaving was my fault. This all came about after I had read the text of an ad that was published in the New York Times by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The ad was filled with lies, falsehoods and innuendo, and I called them out on it; I wanted to set the record straight. This is when “Tommy” called.

After his brief rant, Tommy hung up on me. After Tommy hung up, I spent the next 4 minutes responding to Tommy. My response was less than charitable. I acted out of woundedness. That is why I want to take this opportunity to make a public apology.

I am sorry. While I stand by my claim that I am not responsible for Tommy leaving the Catholic Church, my tone and my tenor were not in the spirit of Christian charity. In retrospect, it breaks my heart that Tommy, or anyone else, would walk away from the Eucharist. That Tommy would leave the Sacraments because of any reason is a tragedy. I don’t know Tommy’s heart. I don’t know if he was a “plant” or was sincere. All I know is that I acted out of anger and did not exercise the self-control that I should have as a Christian “leader.” And so I apologize. I apologize the Tommy, and to anyone that I may have offended or led astray.

I cannot say that something like that will never happen again; I’m pretty sure that it will. But hopefully next time I will give a bit more thought before I go shooting my mouth off. I ask only your forgiveness.

By the way, if you’re thinking of leaving the Church, please take some time to think it over. Get educated, learn the true teachings of the Church. And don’t let the actions of a person or persons determine whether or not you will remain a part of Christ’s Church.

God Bless!


57 thoughts on “A Public Apology

  1. Ruth Fulton

    Gus, you are very sincere in your apology.  you are a magnet to humility, and hopefully someday, you will be a Catholic or Episcopalian Minister. You are so gifted with the power of the pulpit that television also may be next for you. We sure miss Fr. Capari, the Dark Horse, I think is his name now. Pray Mother Mary brings all her sons back to the tribes of Adam and Eve soon. May the Great Spirit guide you Gus, I bow down to your humble ways. You walk the talk, wish we all could be as kind hearted, and giving as you. May I get a copy of your book? How much do you charge? Or do you send them out free? again kudos brother, hello to your catholic guy Lino.

  2. Jlmw87

    I listened and heard that conversation with Tommy and I was angry also. I don’t really think you owe anyone an apology, but that just shows once again what a GREAT and AWESOME Catholic Christian you are. I think he owes you an apology for saying it is your fault he is leaving the church, I think he was looking for someone to blame and he picked you. I Love your show and you are a true inspiration to me every morning on my way to work. God Bless you Gus and keep up the good work of spreading the word to all of us.
    Jennifer White

  3. Craig Nelson

    Gus, in your radio work you truly are answering your calling from our Lord. Wednesday is no exception nor is your apology today. You show us how to be passionate about our faith and how to live it in our lives. Fight the good fight my brother – I’m right there with you on the front lines!

  4. Lisa Valliere

    Those, like Tommy, need our prayers.  God is Love, and the closer we draw to Him by way of His Son, we find ourselves loving more.  Tommy, and other Catholics and non-Catholics alike, are angry, bitter and most likely in pain.  I’m sure you will pray for them Gus, as we all should. 

  5. Lego678

    I missed the actual conversation with “Tommy” but I heard your response after the call was over.  It only shows that you haven’t finished the “walking on water” class yet!:) Neither have I so I guess we are all in this boat together. This morning you apologized for mouthing off to “Tommy” and we hope “Tommy” will accept the apology. But it is up to him and God.  Best Wishes. ( I just finished my first read-through of your book. Now I’m going back to study it some more.)

  6. Gary

    Gus, I heard what happened yesterday. I think that you handled the situation very well. I can relate to Timmy a bit but for different reasons. You see my wife and I left the Holy Church about 2 years ago and became born again Christians. The reason for leaving the church was mainly my doing. My wife and I were having very serious problems in our marriage and it was because of my infidelities. Then along came a friend of mine whom was a former Catholic and had become a born again Christian. He had been through the same problems that my wife and I were experiencing. He told me that since he and his wife had become an evangelicals that their life had change for the better. So we gave it a shot just to see if we could save our marriage. And sure enough we were baptized and became born again. We liked it, we felt the Holy Spirit in our lives. We had a sudden desire to seek Jesus in a more personal level and I can say that it saved our marriage. BUT then I started to feel guilty because I felt that I had never truly and fully applied my self to the teachings of the Catholic Church. I was just a Sunday and a 1 hour Catholic. And this fact made me feel very bad. So as my wife and I were going thorough our evangelical journey, we began to see things that we did not like. First there was the “Catholic bashing” by former Catholics. Then there was the tithing. Now I never had problems with giving to the Catholic Church and I gave what I could honestly afford to give and I did it with so much joy. With the Congregation that we attended they made it a point to demand 10% of your income. And if you didn’t do so you were cheating God and you were not going to receive his blessings. Soot seemed that just about everything was about money. So my wife and I decided to leave the the Evangelical church and now we are churchless but not God-less. We still have that strong bond with Jesus and our children are learning about loving God. Now I have considered going back to the Catholic church because I feel that the first time around I was just going through the motions. Now that I have learned so much with the Evangelicals and now that God has made a change in my life and my wife’s life as well, I feel that Jesus is calling me back to the Church that he ordained St Peter to build. Our only issue with going back is The Holy Blessed Mother. While we both love and respect The Blessed Mother, we just can’t recite the “Hail Mary”. Please brother pray for us so that we can take our steps toward the right direction.


    1. nfrance

      I’ll pray for you too, Gary. Hopefully I can help with the Hail Mary as well. Think of it as reciting the Gospel, because, in fact, it is.  Luke 1:26-42 and Luke 1:42-43

      It is commonly described as consisting of three parts. The first, “Hail (Mary) full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou amongst women”, embodies the words used by the Angel Gabriel in saluting the Blessed Virgin (Luke, I, 28). The second, “and blessed is the fruit of thy womb (Jesus)”, is borrowed from the Divinely inspired greeting of St. Elizabeth (Luke 1:42), which attaches itself the more naturally to the first part, because the words “benedicta tu in mulieribus” (I, 28) or “inter mulieres” (I, 42) are common to both salutations. Finally, the petition “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” is stated by the official “Catechism of the Council of Trent” to have been framed by the Church itself. “Most rightly”, says the Catechism, “has the Holy Church of God added to this thanksgiving, petition also and the invocation of the most holy Mother of God, thereby implying that we should piously and suppliantly have recourse to her in order that by her intercession she may reconcile God with us sinners and obtain for us the blessing we need both for this present life and for the life which has no end.”


    2. Ganel

      Gary,  I’m sure you have no problem with reciting scripture, and the Hail Mary is just that.  Protestants condemn us for our love of the mother of God.  There is no one above God and Mary was chosen by God to bear His only begotten son, think about that, meditate on that.  How can we possibly wrap our heads aroung that.  Christ’s example is above all, but what about the example of His perfectly obediant mother who said yes.  I suggest reading her canticle, Luke 1:46-55 and look into Marian apparitions.  She, like us, is a disciple of Christ, and what human, but she, was closest to Christ.  She is a powerful intercessor.  We believe in the communion of saints and she certainly is a saint.  Come back home, go to confession and steep yourself into our beautiful faith.  Pray about this, recite the rosary and meditate on Holy scripture.  Study apologetics regarding our Blessed Mother and learn what scripture tells us of her.   I will pray for you and your family.

      God Bless

    3. Lbonocore

      Gary, I will also keep you in my prayers. May God Bless you and guide you. As for the Hail Mary, I pray for her to intercede for me all the time and because of my devotion, we have made it through a rough storm of poverty, illness, and have become closer to God, more devout Catholics. I pray you receive miracles and are able to come back. I also have to add, many of the NY Churches we were a part of made us feel like all they cared about is money, and it helped distance me from my religion. When we moved to PA, our Churches were never about the money, no discussions of it as a homily as they did in our former parishes, and the Catholics here are very faithful. Maybe finding a different catholic Church is your answer. I pray you find the right place that will lift you up!! God Bless!

  7. Ed

    Gus I have to admit that comments like Tommy’s would have upset me as well and probably gotten a far less charitable response from me. I can only speak for myself in saying I was not offended, but admire your willingness to make a sincere apology to Tommy and who may have been offended.

    I didn’t actually here his comments until you replayed it today. I only caught it yesterday during your response. If Tommy is sincere in leaving the Catholic Church I agree with you it is a tragedy. However, in trying to blame someone else for his choice Tommy is really only fooling himself.

  8. Mmrhgkkacka

    I admire you for your apology.  This was not a good example of magnetic personality, the verbal exchange of yesterday on either side. Standing up for truth does not equal tearing down the opposite side.  

  9. Julewinn

    I feel the reason for the problem is that Gus took a political stance on a Catholic radio station.  Its not his view on the contraceptive stance but the fact that Gus was using words that is found on talk radio- bashing the liberal media (which bashes liberals) and the NYTimes, etc.  Gus got down to a dirty level insted of the issue at hand.

    From my perspective the NY Times has done more for the poor and oppressed than right wing talk radio.  If you want to fall into the talking point that the Times has a liberal bias then at least recognize that they were against (rightfully proven) the Wars, for poor rights and against tax cuts for those making over $300k a year.  Not to mention immigration, health care, etc.

    It was strange to hear Gus bash the NYTimes when many of their positions Christ supports.  Not sure Christ supports dividing Christians on gay rights, race, woman issues.

    So I thought Gus was wrong here and Tommy was frustrated that his church (I think he said he was a Notre Dame graduate) has a spokesman on its channel that is talking about ‘liberal media’ and not about his real issue on contraceptives.

    If Gus would have just done the same thing yesterday but laid off the right wing talking points I think the debate would have been good. Even the apology above seems false by saying Tommy might be a “plant” or saying that “he called himself Tommy”. 

    Look, tt was a sad day for the Catholic Channel and if other catholics define OUR church in political terms like Gus did then even more will leave the church. 

    So Gus please look into your own heart and realize that your view of what a Catholic is has turned people off and right wing talking points may be better served on other stations.  Instead of bashing Obama like you did on the call yesterday focus on the issues.

    I do like the effort of the aplogy (if real) and I hope Tommy comes back to the church but I feel his frustrations and I dont want what Gus was saying yesterday as the belief of the church- not the contraceptive/religious freedom side but rather the bashing of Obama and liberal media side.  There is a difference here.

    1. Mmrhgkkacka

      I agree as above and hope the show gets back on the track.  We have a hard road ahead with all of the issues.

    2. Dan G.

      Although the NY Time claims they support other teachings of Christ, they have not been charitable at all towards any part of the Catholic Church-Coptic, Eastern, Alexandrian, Jerusalem, or the Antioch branches.  A clear sign is that their own international paper, “International Herald Tribune” has been steering clear of the NY Times and the writers have spoken against the NYT.  If you look closely on the religious coverage, it has not stated one positive thing about the Catholic faith or traditions.  Cardinal Dolan has even published, very kindly, about the disrespectful and anti-Catholic tone of the NY Times.  Myself, I consider the NY Times a tabloid and an example of bad journalism.

  10. Lbonocore

    Your Catholicity, humility, and ability to show God through all you do is amazing and inspirational! I do not think you owe anyone an apology, but the fact that you did is unbelievably humbling! God Bless you and may He continue to allow you to inspire His flock!

  11. Gnmnance7

    If Tommy wasn’t a plant, but a true Catholic who decided to leave the church, you may have only been the straw he was looking for. I can’t tell how many times I have felt like leaving the catholic faith, but because I have purposely allowed Christ to develop between us, a strong connection to HIM, through the Eucharist, I am like Peter, and say, “Where else can we go? You are the only One promising everlasting life!” Nd though Christ does exist in the Spirit in other Christian faiths, (I seen Him do mighty things there as evidence), I am a slave to Christ in the Eucharist. I pray for all the Tommy’s in the world who allow others to separate them from Christ, because they haven’t come to fully know Him in the Holy Eucharist.

    1. Julewinn

      Fine but please note that Gus may providing the “straws” for many people.  The church is in need of healing not becoming a divisive church.  Someone listening is thinking this is not my church.  In bashing the NYTimes as being liberal, Gus was in effect bashing the poor, immigrants, those without health care, women, etc.

      Gus should have stuck to the topic instead of dividing us on his political positions.  Fight the religious freedom vs woman rights position is fine and good but bashing the Times for having an ad- which they need because nobody reads newspapers anymore. 

      In fact- that ad helps support articles supporting the poor and oppressed in some circular way.

      The majority of catholics in the US are democrats (perhaps its tied) but the Bishops are trying to find a politcal way to be relevant and it backfired on them based on polling and Tommy’s frustrations.  And by the way, do we really think the Bishops have all the answers?  Do we really believe that God works thru them?

  12. Tdahlson

    I was listening when Tommy called in and I have to say you were justified. I don’t believe that Tommy was being truthful, I think he was a planted caller. In my mind if he was a humble Catholic he wouldn’t be spouting off about how much he gives to the Church. If his faith is really so timid that he would abandon it because of a radio commentators opinion. Gus, you are a pleasure to listen to in the morning. I applaud the Catholic church for not wavering in it’s beliefs. I am not a big believer in Catholic Light. Gus, keep doing what your doing brother 

    1. Julewinn

      Why because people cant think different than you?  Did you not hear his pain?  Gus plants the seed as a ‘plant’ and off goes the minions.  Gus, this was my point below, was the apology real?  Clearly tdahlson got confused.

      1. Tdahlson

        His pain? I heard somebody proclaiming to be somebody  changing his religion because of Gus’s reaction to an article in the NY times urging liberal Catholics to leave the church while not willing to have a discussion. I love differing opinions because I love to debate and discussion. I applaud Gus’s humility but when you have somebody yelling at you and not willing to have a give and take, it would be really difficult to not get upset.  

  13. Anonymous

    Hi Gus. I heard your apology this morning and while I certainly respect your decision to apologize, and maybe you used the word ‘tommy’ just a bit too much, I really think the caller was setting you up. He made it a point to tell you that he gave $10,000 to his parish. Now that’s not ‘chump change’ and if anyone gave away that amount of cash you would think that he would be serious about his parish and his faith. To then allow the HHS debacle and a radio host to drive him out of the church just doesn’t add up.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. I might have reacted the same way. What frustrates me about that call and you also commented on the fact that he hung up on you. It always seems that the more liberal catholics don’t want to hear the other side. No rebuttal to their opinion. No discussion, ever.

    I’ve read some of the posts here and I’m fascinated that some really think that you don’t have a right to call out the NYT. One post stated that the Bishops don’t speak for us. Come on people!

    The Catholic Church is not a democracy. Never has been. It was founded by Jesus Christ and given authority to act in His name. The Bishops in conjuction with the Holy Father guide the church on this pilgrimage. We as the laity are called to obedience. We don’t always have to understand nor do we always have to like it. But if we are going to call ourselves ‘catholic’ we better obey. Just like we expect our own children to follow the rules of the home.

    It is a very black and white issue. Accept the Truth or don’t. The Truth will set you free. Not accepting or obeying the Truth will eventually enslave you.

    Keep speaking the truth Gus. You have so many more supporters than detractors.

    1. Timfrenchec

      Bishops dont speak for me.  I would have turned in abusive priest the first chance I got.  Come on People!

      1. Anonymous

        I’m sorry that you don’t believe in the magisterium. That is the way Our Blessed Lord set it up. I guess you’ll have to take up your argument with Him.

        Even though I am in no means defending any type of abuse, one case is one too many, It may interest you to know that less than 2 percent of all catholic priests were involved in that sad scandal. The percentage of abuse is much, much higher in other denominations yet goes mostly unreported. Why? There are two reasons for this. The pockets of the Catholic church are very deep and lawyers see a big payday in their future if they can bring a lawsuit. 

        The second reason is more diabolical. The Eucharist is the center and summit of our faith. Without priests there would be no Eucharist. The enemy know this and any chance to bring down the priesthood is not likely to be passed up.

        The Church has had it’s share of poor examples and scandles throughout her 2000 year history and yet she is still here. Our Lord promised that the gates of hell would never prevail against her and try as it might, hell has not prevailed and will not.

        My only advice to you my dear brother is to stay faithful and trust in Our Lord. You don’t leave Peter because of Judas. God bless.

  14. Adelemontijo

    Gus I heard your replay today.  I think you the way you handled the situation was PERFECT!  Now you can move on.  Sometimes we just need to recognize how we are and how we can be more like Christ, and that is exactly what you did!  God bless you@

  15. Nicole Brosch

    We all have our moments when we let our anger get the best of us. I commend you for taking responsibility for your part. Thank you for the great example you set for us as Christians to follow. I love your show keep up the good fight. The man who called in is solely responsible for his choices, and should blame you.

    Thank you,
    Nicole B.

  16. Nebraska 402

    I do feel an apology was in order.  How many times did you say “Tommy” and is a belittling tone of voice.  It was not an impressive way for a host ot act.  Are you trying to be the Larry King of Catholic Radio?
    It seems almost everytime you have a discussion topic you get on your high horse to preach, ready to slaughter the caller.  You interrupt and voice your opinion, you become nasty and irritating.
    Some mornings I turn the channel–as I do not think you are portraying the Church in a positive way. 
    To be a teacher is beneficial to all and sometimes we must really listen.  God Bless.

  17. Jayne Mannino

    I did not hear Tommy, but I did hear your rant about his call.  Ahh the separation of church and state–now I get it.  I feel Gus that you are so passionate about abortion, contraception and your faith you become enraged when someone does not agree with you.  When you get a call like that, remember to hear the other person’s viewpoint, and then agree or disagree, but try to keep your voice even and lowered and not talk over them.  Remember James 1, verse 19-20.  I can say this because I would probably reply the same way you did, and I have to remind myself often to slow down.  Someone said yesterday to say a quick prayer before responding to anyone in anger.

    This being Lent, the apology was a good thing, but it could have been to everyone in general and not just Tommy.  We all make mistakes.  That’s why we have reconciliation.

    On another note, love your show and listen every day on my way to morning mass.  I’ve learned so much and also from “A Minute In The Church”.  I’m a cradle Catholic, and we seem to know the least, but bible class at our church is so informative.  I also plan to purchase your new book soon.

    God Bless and don’t be so hard on yourself.

  18. Anonymous

    While this is slightly off topic, one of the main reasons I started listenting to Catholic radio and your show was to get away from all the vitriol on our local talk stations.  When you started talking like those right wing talkers about the president and the democratic party I stopped listening.  I would call myself a reluctant republican or but mostly independent.  I don’t say this as someone who voted for Obama or someone who plans to.  How can I with his stance on life?  But I just think we are called to be better than that in our discourse.  I don’t think we can evangelize anyone if we just spew names.  But given this apology, perhaps I need to tune back in.

  19. Mike from Port Jeff

    I did not hear the conversation but it sounds like a tough lesson was learned. I have listened to Gus for years, read his book and have been asking people to do the same for years. I truly believe Gus’ heart is trying to follow Christ. Again, not having heard the conversation, it sounds like “the guys” lost their cool. Whether it was a plant or not, it should’nt happen on the radio but it did. Gus apologized and it will take time for the adrenilin to seep down to normal levels again. I hope that Tommy prays over the incident as I know Gus will. I hope they both pray for each other  (and a little for everyone else too).

  20. Clint

    Gus, God bless you. You have an extraordinarily difficult job as every word you utter on the air is scrutinized by millions. Again, God bless you and your ministry. I can certainly understand your frustration with the caller and the righteous anger you expressed yesterday. It is only human to bristle when someone attacks a loved one and it is obvious how much you love Jesus Christ and his church. That you regret your tone and how it may have affected others is only a testament to the Holy Spirit working in your life. I will pray for you as well as Tommy. Peace be with you.  

  21. Maria Brown

    Gus, I only heard part of the conversation with Tommy. I did not hear it on Wednesday at all. This morning I was on my way to Mass and heard the replay of what Tommy had to say. His rant did not ring a clear bell to me. He mentioned  all us being against Obama’s talk at Notre Dame. Well in view of what has transpired with The curremt attack on our Constitutional rights of Freedom of Religion, it has become clear to our Catholic Family that we were so right in our objections to that speech. I go along with your choice to apologize if that is what you felt in your heart.Remeber when so many walked away from Jesus when he told his followers unless you eat my Body and drink my Blood…..He didn’t beg them to come back. He let them go. So, if Tommy can walk away from Jesus then he has “free will”. You are not responsible for his or anyone else’s walking away from the Church. It is HARD to be a Catholic. It is even HARDER to be a good Catholic. You are a good man. I love your show. I prayed for Tommy too. We cannot stand by and let our Catholic teachings continue to be diluted. It’s time to stand up for “The Truth”      God Bless you.  Maria Brown

  22. Bar

    As a late in life convert to Catholicism I enjoy listing to you Gus as well as others on the Catholic Station. Since I have had little practice in not only confessing my sins but also understanding when I have sinned (old habits die slowly). I find that listening to you has helped me to become more aware of my sins. Not that I am holding you up as a roll model for sinning, Leno does a much better job of that. With all the kidding aside I do find it refreshing to listen to you, The Catholics Next Door and Leno The Catholic Guy, because you put on no airs, your like the neighbor next door and as such subject to sin as we all are.

    As for the devil he appears to be busy at work in this country. I read editorials in a number of publications and they drew the same conclusion as you did on the ad. I can understand why you flew off the handle with Tommy, after reading the ad and then receiving his vindictive call, another act of the devil, you blood pressure must have been a mite high. The devil may have thought he was getting a hold on you, but to his surprise your love for Jesus shown through. Good for you Gus and God Bless you.

    Also I came across this in the Business Insider, which said that The New York Times refused to run a similar ad on anti-Islam and gave the following for their reason.

    According to a Mar. 13 letter sent by the Times to the ad’s sponsor, anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller, the $39,000 anti-Islam ad was rejected because “the fallout from running this ad now could put U.S. troops and/or civilians in the [Afghan] region in danger.”

    Read more:

    Isn’t it nice to know that Christians reframe from killing because of things like this. Keep up the good work for our Lord Jesus!

  23. FJG

    Gus, thanks for the apology. It shows humility and is a recognition that we all have flaws.  Continually striving to be better is what makes us great.  I love your show and listen to it on my daily drive to work.

    The call from Tommy, to me, seemed to be either a setup (to provoke you) or a bitter individual venting.  Either way, he needs our prayers.  I don’t think he’s an enemy in the truest sense of the word, but rather someone who’s misguided.

    As for you getting angry, it happens.  Last Sunday’s reading described Jesus turning over tables and making a whip from cords!  As Christians, we don’t have to be passive and accept whatever the enemy sends our way.  A defense of our faith is nothing to be ashamed of. 

    However, I do enjoy your more peaceful tone and scripture readings.  Often, as I head into work, I reflect on the things you say, and you help guide my actions and interactions with others. 

    Talk of political issues threatening our freedoms is merited, but please don’t let it take over your show.  I truly enjoy the inspirational messages. 

    Thanks for doing what you do — you make a difference in the lives of many!

  24. Lego678

    What we should remember in the incident with “Tommy” he may not be owed an apology but who of any of us is “owed” God’s favor. or Jesus’ death on the cross or any other of a multitude of God’s goodnesses on our behalf? Yet God willingly pours these things out on us, undeserving though we are. “Tommy” didn’t deserve an apology but he got one any how. It is up to him what he does with it.

  25. Irish734

    Gus as a ND grad I am disappointed in Tommy as we were not taught to avoid intelligent discussion but we were taught to embrace it. In regards to his and you comments I suggest as St. Thomas Aquinas taught: “He who is not angry when there is just
    cause for anger is immoral.” Why? Because “anger looks to the good of

    1. Mariposarosa

      My husband is an ND grad too and when he heard Tommy’s rant, he sincerely believed Tommy was a plant.  He says what he was taught in school was humility in service.  The fact that Tommy so blatantly discussed giving $10K to the church and calling students and alumni who opposed Obama’s visit to campus “nutjobs”.  To walk away from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because of politics or an ad is just ridiculous. He probably never believed in the Eucharist.

  26. Marilyn

    I am so happy you apologized to Tommy.  I was just leaving mass when he called in.  I was very upset by his call but more upset by your response.  I totally agree with you, but didn’t think you were very Christian in your response.  I’m sorry that Tommy is leaving the Church, but it is not your fault.  He needs our prays.

  27. Susanne

    Gus, I admire your faith, I truly do.  But, please, will someone acknowledge that fact that something like 95% of catholics practice contraception!  I agree that that religion and government should be kept separate, but come on, really!!! 
    I go to to church every sunday, am a cradle catholic, and you need to accept that not everybody feels the same.  I am a catholic and that does not mean to say I need to agree with everything the church teaches.  I believe in the sacraments.  Sometimes I feel the right wing conservative Catholics are focused too much on life issues and not enough on the poor.  The republicans might be pro-life but when it comes to social issues… 

    1. Canuck

      Hi Susanne,

      Just to respond to you…of course Catholics use contraception.  Still does not make it right.  In fact, it is still a mortal sin needing the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  That is what the Church concerns itself about.  Our salvation!
      You may not feel the same, fair enough.  In all sincerity, maybe you should have a quick look at the Catechism.  The Catholic faith is not a buffet where you can pick and choose what you like and discard what you don’t like.  Now you’ve created your own church.  The Church teaches the Truth…period…and we as Catholics are called to live, support and spread that truth as best we can.  If we don’t like something, that means we truly don’t understand that ‘something’, and we should seek out the answers.  My prayer is that you will do so.  My prayer is that we all will do so.  Life issues are extremely important, especially when you in the U.S. have a government bent on doing what it can to destroy life under the guise of women’s health – and now it is trying to force religious employers to pay for something they have no right to force on them.  The Church isn’t saying ban contraceptives – but rather saying, you are infringing on our religious freedoms to choose not to pay for them as it violates the tenets of our faith.  

      The Church is the largest aid to the poor, and all Catholics, right, left, cradle or active should be proud of the work that Mother Church does for those who are less fortunate.  Can more be done, always!  I don’t see this as a political issue – regardless of your political stripes, we as Catholics need to do what is right, moral and just.  For the homeless, those affected by disaster, the aged, the imprisoned – and it also includes standing up for the most defenseless among us, the unborn. 

      May God Bless you.

    2. Timfrenchec

      Homerun Susanne.  Of course Gus wont acknowledge that fact on contraception- the Bishops told him how to behave and he listens to them (but turns a blind eye on the cover-ups).   Bishops dont have the answer and to turn it political and call the 95% of catholic women whores (Sandra Fluke) is wrong.

      1. Gus


        If you can’t be civil then you will be thrown out. I am perfectly fine with with opposing viewpoints, but your rhetoric is out of line. I nor anyone I know called anyone a whore. I criticized Limbaugh for his words. And I criticize you for yours. I acknowledge that the majority of Catholic women use contraception. All that means is that they don’t follow the precepts of the Church. I believe that if they truly knew the reasoning behind Church teaching, they would change their minds.
        As for you, stop with the name calling and liberal talking points or you will be tossed.

        1. Amberheard

          Back to politics with another “liberal talking point” line.  Will you please stop with the politics?

        2. Guest

          Gus, I recently started listening. Like Susanne and some other callers, I support contraception and strongly believe a distinction must be drawn between those methods that interfere with implantation and those that merely prevent fertilization. I see nothing wrong with the latter.
          I am aware of the church’s teaching on all contraception but the reasoning on, that it interferes with the act of total giving and a positive intention against conception. But why must a married couple in their 40’s and beyond be open to conception? That makes no sense to me.
          In earlier years, I tried Natural Family Planning, but found it restrictive, and it put a strain on my marriage. I felt so guilty using barrier methods of contraception and stayed away from weekly communion for years, except right after confession, until a priest told me it was not a sin if I was taking medication, which I was. For me personally, it is no longer an issue, but it still frustrates me when Catholics are bashed for using birth control, even the barrier methods.

  28. Sally

    I just wanted to say that I believe an apology was in order after your comments and I am glad that you did so.  I listen to your program each morning on my way to work because you do such a wonderful job with the daily readings, and I often find inspiration in the comments and prayers.  On that particular day however, I did turn from the station when I heard the tone of your voice, even though I tuned into the program at the time of Tommy’s comments and I did not know the topic of discussion.  I was deeply disappointed that you did not take “the high road” in response to his comments.  Although I certainly understand that you were reacting defensively.

  29. Lolly65

    Tommy was rude and didn’t call for conversation. He called to attack and then hung up like a coward not letting you respond. Your response to him was correct although you were also correct in apologizing for your tone as that was the only thing that someone could find fault with.  It is best to not give the haters any fuel.  So many people are looking to blame good Christians, especially Catholics for their own lack of faith and committment to God.  It seems that Catholics are really under attack lately with this HHS Mandate.  The government loves that and has distorted the truth in order to confuse people.  Keep speaking the truth, Gus.  We are glad to have you on our side.

  30. Anonymous

    I usually don’t get to listen to you for more than about 5 minutes a day or so, but I have noticed that you tend to have “conspiracy theorist” approach to most of the hot topics.  That being said, I glad that at least “someone” is discussing them, and also has solid a scriptural background to back it up.  I didn’t hear the actual conversation or aftermath, but I agree that if “Tommy” is planning on leaving the church, it is probably for reasons that only he and God know.  I’m on the west coast, so I usually get shortly before you cut to mass, and then I have to go to work, but “lay of the coffee” a bit, and I will make an effort to listen to your show for longer periods of time when I get the chance.  Keep up the good work and God bless 

  31. anngye

    Your response to Tommy was mild compared to my responses to my very atheist husband.  It is infuriating and the work of the devil the way people attack our faith just to provoke us to an ‘unchristian’ response.  I find that making myself go off and pray the rosary noticibly lowers my blood pressure and centers me back to what I know a ‘proper christian response’ ought to be.  I sure wish I had the self-control to practice that while the confrontations are in progress.  I am going to order your new book.  You offer words of wisdom and thank you and God bless you for that.  anngye

  32. Skierharley

    Gus, several times I’ve heard your ad describing the ‘sin of Onan’, as the Church’s justification for the ‘sin of masturbation’.  Yet it is essential to have the facts correct.  Onanism is not a sin of masturbation.  It is a sin for violating the law.  A Jewish male has to provide his brother’s widow with a male heir.  Onan ‘spilled his seed’ upon the ground rather than comply with the law.  Masturbation was the method used not to fulfill or obey the law.  Hence the sin is one of disobedience, not masturbation.

  33. Julie Stapleton

    While reading the responses here I was a bit angry and felt like this was another assault on Catholic radio and Catholics as a whole.
    I feel that Gus has every right to express the dogma of the Church on his radio station. If that involves correcting misinformation by the NY Times and other liberal media, well so be it. The United States of America is a free speech nation and I wish that people would get off this idea of being fair, and “politically correct.” My question to all of you is, “Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God? Do you believe that he died for all of our sins, including the liberals and the right wings? He died for the devout, & the tepid Christians. The atheist, the feminist and the gays. He died for everyone of us who knowingly still commit sin and disregard the teachings of our Catholic faith.
    If someone said to you tomorrow (and they had the power to actually follow through with this)  “If you still practice this foolish faith and don’t renounce Christ, you will die and so will everyone in your family.”   What would you do? Think about it, it could be coming.
    God Bless,
    Julie Stapleton

  34. Betanne25

    Thank you for your humilty. It is inspiring to actually hear someone apologize and take responsibilty for their actions. And I agree, you are not responible for Tommy leaving the Church . Will pray for Tommy and all who have left “home”.

  35. James

    I Have been listening to you for a while now and for the most part i enjoy it except when you say your going to say this and that you don’t care if the audience likes it or not i hear that alot from you and frankly it makes you arrogant and pompous the reason is that i feel a calling to the Church. and it makes me wonder if all Catholics act like this. I hope not i will pray for you. i want to keep on listening but it’s really hard sometimes.


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