The Angel Effort

The Angel Effort
This year for Lent, I propose what I call the Angel Effort. Each day during Lent, I want to do something positive. You may think of them as “random acts of kindness.” Only they won’t be random. They will be planned and thought out. So I’m looking for suggestions for simple little things that we can include in our Angel Effort. Let me give you a couple of starter ideas; simple things that we can do to help make someone’s day better.

Pay for the person behind you on a toll road.
Call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a long time.
Take on a chore that someone else in the house usually does.

Get the idea? Then give me some ideas that we can use. Every day during Lent, we’ll use a suggestion and offer it up to the community. What are you waiting for? Log in and comment and let’s get the ideas flowing!

Ash Wednesday: Call a friend or family member that you haven’t spoken to in while
Thursday, March 10: Give someone a compliment today
Friday, March 11: Leave a note for someone

Monday, March 14: Open a door for someone (hint to husbands: always open the car door for your bride!)
Tuesday, March 15: Prepare/buy a meal for someone
Wednesday, March 16: Pray with someone today
Thursday, March 17: Give someone a hug today
Friday, March 18: Email a note of encouragement to someone

Monday, March 21: Make an online donation to a charity
Tuesday, March 22: Pray for a sick person
Wednesday, March 23: Be extra courteous in traffic today
Thursday, March 24: Give someone a surprise gift today
Friday, March 25: Do a household chore that someone else normally does

Monday, March 28: Pay it forward! If you go through a drive-through or toll booth today, pay for the next person in line
Tuesday, March 29: Choose to forgive someone today
Wednesday, March 30: Pray with a family member today (spouse, child, parent, sibling…)
Thursday, March 31: Use a sticky note to brighten someone’s day

Tuesday, April 5: (Be careful with this one!) Wink at someone today
Wednesday, April 6: Sing a song for someone (Note: you don’t have to be a good singer. Just sing!)
Friday, April 8: Give money to a homeless person

Monday, April 11: Say “God Bless You!” to people, even if they didn’t sneeze!
Tuesday, April 12: Ask someone to pray for you
Wednesday, April 13: Fast from one meal today and offer it up for someone you love
Thursday, April 14: Give someone a sign of peace (Make sure to say “Peace be with you!)
Friday, April 15: When someone asks, “How ya doing?”, respond with, “I’m blessed!”

Monday, April 18: Tell someone today that you love them
Tuesday, April 19: Pray the Rosary for someone’s intention
Wednesday, April 20: Invite someone to Easter Mass at your church
Thursday, April 21: Wash someone’s feet

31 thoughts on “The Angel Effort

  1. kk

    Carry groceries out to someones car or in for a neighbor. Take down your neighbor’s trash cart. Cook for someone who is ill. There are many things! This is a great idea!

  2. 4bradysfl

    Make a point of sitting in a different seat in church and saying hello to a person you do not know

  3. 4bradysfl

    Make a point of sitting in a different seat in church and saying hello to a person you do not know

  4. Jean_steinel

    This is a good one to help get children involved. Help the neighbors bring their trash cans to the street and when empty bring them back to their yard.

      1. nfrance

        If it’s someone you see often, Glenn, make it a point to grab a few bucks from the ATM and have it for the next time you see him or her. If it’s just a chance meeting, simply look into their eyes (see Jesus) and acknowledge them and recognize them for the child of God that they are, worthy of dignity. If you could muster up the courage to touch them in some way — a hand shake or even a pat on the back, you may just prevent them from going into despair and giving up all hope. Imagine what a hug would do. Imagine if you were to actually wash their feet? How Christ-like would that be? I’ve never done that myself but I imagine it would be quite humbling, and very pleasing to God.

        1. Glenn.Lego

          I work at the local unemployment office and see a lot of men and women who are down on their luck and I have no problem with shaking their hands or recognizing them as worthy of dignity. Of course when they are not looking I put Germ-X on my hands just in case but that is a minor thing I do to protect myself against germs,

  5. Teresaangotti

    Take your neighbor a plate of food for dinner. Then stay and visit for 10 or 15 mins just long enough to not be a bother

  6. trinat

    Look the person that is your cashier in the eye, smile at them, thank them, call them by their name if they are wearing a name tag. Be kind

  7. Jo

    Write a note to someone in your past who touched you in a special way…a teacher, a friend, a priest, maybe just an acquaintance. Maybe write a note a day…imagine how many folks you would make smile!

  8. Pro-Life Democrat!

    Whenever I am driving, and hear a siren, I say a prayer for the person, or persons in the emergency situation. You never know if a person needs prayers for their soul! Or their health!

  9. Mare54n

    Pay for someone’s meal if you are at a restaurant … ask your waitress to give you their bill and not to let the people know that their bill is paid. Or if you are going through a drive through, pay for the person that is in line behind you.

  10. Darb

    Take the time to go visit and elderly parent, aunt, uncle, neighbor. Don’t be in a hurry, spend time with them and help ease their feelings of loneliness. Let them know you care about them and that God loves them. If possible, offer to take them to mass one day during lent.

  11. Susan

    When someone asks you to pray for them don’t wait to do it later. Pray with them right then. This blesses you and blesses them at the same time. ASAP! Always Say A Prayer!

  12. Jody

    write a note to a teacher giving them thanks for all the work they do to help teach our children. Even have your kids write a note as well.
    Jody Mason

  13. Sally Oldham

    Buy Redicovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly and you get 6 additional copies free. Each book has a coupon to get 6 additional copies free. Give a copy to a fallen away Catholic. Leave a copy on the bus, plane or in the Drs. office. It is a gift of faith that keeps on giving.

  14. Kellie Olio

    GIVE OR YOURSELF… the elderly–just to say hello, Help out at a food bank.
    shovel someone’s walk, ect….

  15. Susan Treadway

    My wife and I at times will make a simple effort that will make someone’s day, and we don’t even know them. We will go through a McDonalds Drive Thru and place our order, when we get to the window to pay we will give the cashier 5 dollars and tell them to buy the next person a meal, drink, or whatever satifies that person. Just a simple effort to make someone’s day a little brighter.

  16. TrendTrader

    Clip coupons for the elderly…Some elderly people can no longer afford a newspaper, and some elderly people have problems using their hands due to arthritis…Also, if you are done reading your newspaper or magazine…why not give it to someone else who would love to read it….

  17. Eliza267

    Bring something in to work or daycare or where ever you may go and share with others. (example, bake goods, coffee, or a comic strip, etc.)

  18. Rose

    Leave a thank you note in your mail box or a treat,to let the mail carrer know how much you appreciate their service.

  19. Glenn.Lego

    When you are in a supermarket parking lot and someone is unloading their packages into their car, offer to take their empty shopping cart to the cart corral or into the store.


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