Drain Me of Me

Father, I am so full of myself.
I know that if I truly wish to serve you,
If I truly wish to share your word and your love,
This must not be the way.
And so today, Father, I ask you:
Drain me of me

Of all the self-inflated ego
Drain me

Of all the harsh judgement that comes so easily
Drain me

Of all jealousy and resentment
Drain me

Of all the desire for attention and adulation
Drain me

Of all attachment to the flesh
Drain me

Of all that is not of you
Drain me

And when I am emptied, unencumbered by
The stuff and nonsense of the world,
No longer weighed down by the heaviness
And burdens put upon me by myself
Or the dark forces of the evil one

Fill me with your Spirit,
For your Spirit has no chains,
Your Spirit recognizes no boundaries,
Your Spirit is lightness and light,
Your Spirit allows me to soar
As on eagle’s wings.

And so, Father, right now, this moment
I give you permission to
Drain me of me,
That I may be more like you
Through your Son, Jesus Christ
In the power of the Holy Spirit.

45 thoughts on “Drain Me of Me

  1. Jeff Milligan

    Thank you Gus, for your continued influence in my life and many, many others. May God continue to bless you and work through you!

  2. Carmen

    Dear Gus,

    Thank You! I have myself been through a process of “cleansing” my soul and spirit. I have reflected on the Litany of Humility. However, the thing that I truly like and appreciate of your prayer is that it comes from a person just like me,who deals everyday from the mundanity of life.

    I always listen to you while driving on my way to work. NEVER at home, because at this time I probably would’ve been still sleeping. If you don’t mind I would like to copy and paste it to share it with some of my friends.

    Beautiful prayer, I truly believe God put it in your heart with the purpose of using your voice to reach probably millions of souls.

    Thanks again, and may God bless you every day of your life.


  3. Dennis

    As I was driving to work this morning I heard you talking about this and also heard a couple of comments from your listeners and I could not wait to read it. And what a inspiration prayer. Thank you and God bless

  4. Chuck


    This is a wonderful prayer that I wish I had heard long ago. The Holy Spirit was truly moving you. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It was the right thing to do. God Bless.

    Chuck Donnelly

  5. Kris

    Gus, I happened to be in the car earlier than normal this morning, no accident of course, and got to hear you recite this prayer live. I was moved to tears. I, too, need to be drained and focus on that which is really important. Thanks for reminding me of this and also reminding me to take the time to quiet myself and listen to what God is trying to say to me. This morning, despite all of the “noise” in my life, God got the message through (you) loud and clear!

  6. Carolyn

    Wow! I was praying for God to get me through what essentially was a prideful time and a pity party, I was drawn to your website…I found this prayer there. Praise God, he is listening.

  7. Pam

    Gus,I too was listening to you this morning on my way to work in which I know that God was speaking to me through you. I just have to say that I am so blessed to be able to listen to you each morning since I am unable to attend daily mass. You have really touched my heart with God’s message. Thank you and God Bless.

  8. Michelle

    Gus, words can’t express what a positive influence you have had on my life! My husband is not a Catholic (yet!) and you have had such a tremendous impact on his life. He is so moved by how passionate you are about our faith, he listens to your program every day and is learning with eagerness–what a true blessing.

  9. Larry

    Hi Gus,

    It’s amazing how God is working through you to reach me. I recently bought a car which included XM Radio and decided to listen to you one morning. Well…that was over a month ago and I now listen daily. This prayer, however, is the icing on the cake. Thank you and God bless you!

  10. Tressa

    Gus- this is a truly inspirational prayer that I certainly find meaningful and applicable in my own life. Your weaknesses are the same for all men & women. How humbling and submissive this prayer is and how beautiful to give our whole-selves to the Lord!

  11. Beth

    Gus, you are truly a blessing in my life! Through the Holy Spirit you always reach my heart. Thank you for everything you do!

  12. Maryann


    Everyday I listen to you, I always come away with a “little” something that helps me be a better servant to God. Today I came away with a “mountain” of something.

    As I listened to your prayer this morning….tears just started flowing….I so need to beg God to help me Drain Me of Me. Thank you for sharing your pray…the words are so “on point”! I plan to pray this daily so I could be a better wife, mother, daughter, friend and servant to God.


  13. Werner Aguilar

    Thank you Gus for that beaautiful prayer. Everyday is a new spiritual journey for me and everyday your program “Seize the Day” provides me with the inspiration to continue on that journey. May God bless you and keep you.

  14. James

    Gus –

    I’m going through a very trying time and I understand why. Your prayer has given me additional insight to my life and has bought me closer to God. Your show is a true God send. I listen everyday and learn something new every morning. Thanks for being there.

  15. Sherry


    This is a beautiful prayer and so greatly needed by all.

    Love starting my day listening to you each day, especially hearing your son say “Good morning Child of God”. I can hear that in my mind all day.

    God bless,

  16. Lana S. Rodgers

    I was so touched by your prayer… I was driving to work yesterday. Tears rolled down my cheeks as the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart! Thank you for sharing with us a prayer that definitely touched my heart! God Bless you!

  17. Joe Donnelly

    Dear Gus, last Thursday I completed a “Life in the Spirit” course. (wow!) I have prayed for a release of the Spirit, however I feel/sense a large blockage. I even asked the Spirit to splt me open and create a doorway into my heart. Your prayer may be the answer and I will start my day off with this for the next nine days. (Novena) Please pray for me, it would mean so much to again truly “fall in love with the Lord”. God Bless you and your Ministry, Joe

  18. Myrna

    Hi Gus, I love the prayer and I listen to
    you every morning. I also agree with Sherry
    about your son’s morning greeting.I smile
    everytime.God bless you.

  19. Ana Milam

    Gus, may I use “Drain Me” in the Purification & Enlightenment stage of RCIA? I “just happened” to be listening yesterday morning. This prayer is truly from the Lord. Thank you for sharing, Anna

  20. Gina

    I listen to your program on my way to work. It is only a 20 minute drive, but I always manage to hear something that speaks to me. I plan to read this Holy Spirit inspired prayer at my next Bible discussion group.
    Thanks, Gina

  21. Patricia

    Thank you for sharing, my husband needs to read this prayer and I will recommend this prayer to be read at his Baptist Church. This prayer covers all of us.
    Peace be with you,

  22. Ann

    I thank God for you and your show. You touch my heart and spirit on my way to work each morning. Thank you for sharing that beautiful prayer with us and thank you for your ministry.
    God bless you.

  23. William - Virginia


    Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer. You truly were moved by the spirit, and this prayer will certainly help me and so many others who struggle with the sin of pride. God bless you brother.

  24. nanette

    Dear Gus,

    I agree with everyone, you are so gifted and I thank God for the time i am able to share with your radio program every morning on my drive into work.

  25. Jeremy Scott

    Gus, That is amazing. As a man who just came to Faith in our lord i can truly say this touched me. I have always been in control of my life. It is hard to get out of my own way. I for so many years used drinking as a way to separate my self from this world, now i have decided to use our lord. I am meeting with the Priest at my local Catholic Church next tuesday to get myself started in coming into the church. I listen to your show every morning for the past 4 months and i must say it has helped guide me to the Catholic Church. Your Prayer pretty much sums up what i have been looking for in my life for such a long time. Thank you and God Bless.

  26. Greg

    Dear Gus,
    I had the Privilege of sharing your idea with my men’s group this past Saturday.
    We have been talking about many things (hear and now related) (aka earthly things) and even to the point of getting on each other’s nerves. When I first read this it hit me like a brick wall! In preparation for our meeting and after being “moved” by your prayer, I felt like I needed to take extra care in reading and sharing the readings for Sunday.
    I read your prayer “Empty me of me”
    After reading the prayer at the meeting; one of my Brothers in Christ commented that I had brought my “A” game in preparation for our meeting.

    It was as if you lit a fuse under my brothers, as if each was waiting for the “Call “ to share what was on their heart, I am not sure I can place it into the proper words to give it justice…
    The SPIRIT moved us to open our hearts and get all the “STUFF” we carry around out of the way and allow HIM to fill us up.
    Thank you for your inspiration and courage in sharing with us your faith journey.
    Your Brother in Christ,

  27. Cathy

    Dear Gus!!

    What a truly beautiful prayer!!! I heard you saying on your show how you woke up during the night and was led to write this prayer..The Holy Spirit led you to this and its an inspiration…Thank you so much for sharing this heart felt prayer. I pray that God’s blessing will continue to flow through you and on to others.

  28. Carlos

    Hi Gus,
    I was looking for a morning prayer that could express my feelings. Your prayer is perfect. I going to start my day with it. Please pray for my son Juan and Linda in your daily prayers.

    God Bless you and your family.
    Your new friend Carlos

  29. Todd

    Gus, I finally found time to “sieze the day” finally load your web site and review this prayer. What a wonderful prayer for all of us. I too need the power of the Spirit to drain me of me…thanks so much for sharing you. I recently called in to your show to share my sincere thanks for you and your listeners prayers. My mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is terminal. I had phoned this past May asking for your prayers that my mom would make a trip to Ireland….. her life long dream. She made the trip through the power of your prayers. Just prior to thanksgiving her Doctors told her the chemo has reduced the size of her tumours. Again we thank God as He has given us more time with our mother. We enjoy and live everyday enjoying the precious time we left with her. Your prayers are powerful……Todd from Ontario Canada

  30. Paula

    Gus: God led me to this site through your radio program. This prayer speaks straight into my heart. Thank you so much and may God keep you and yours in His loving hand.

  31. Kellie Olio

    Please I need your prayers That god shows the light to a judge and let the truth come out…
    Child custody.


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