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To order the 12-CD set, click below.

Catholic Apologetics Volume I

This six-CD set includes teachings on Confession, The Eucharist, The Communion of Saints, Marian Beliefs, The Papacy & Peter and Salvation. Order today for just $25 plus shipping! To order Volume I, click below.

Catholic Apologetics Volume II

In this set, we cover topics that many people struggle to understand and defend: Authority, Baptism, Moral Issues, including Artificial Contraception, Abortion and IVF, Purgatory, Sacred Tradition and The Bible. Have a Bible and a highlighter ready as I take you on a journey through the Scriptures and the Catechism to help you explain and defend the Catholic faith. I pray that you learn much and share your faith with all! To order Volume II, click below.

Download Audio from Volumes I & II of my Catholic Apologetics Series now!

Audio downloads for Catholic Apologetics Volumes I & II are now available below. You can download individual teachings, or get them all! Just click on the Add to Cart button beneath the titles that interest you. Share the faith!

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Comments on Apologetics CD’s

Fr Jim BaraniakI recently had Fr. Jim Baraniak, a Norbertine priest and Chaplain of the Green Bay Packers, on my show. Fr. Baraniak had ordered my apologetics CD set a couple of months ago and talked about them in our conversation.

Many people have been writing to let me know about the Catholic Apologetics CD’s that they have ordered. Here are just a few…

  • I am making my way thru your CD’s as I drive to work each day. I feel blessed and enriched by your commentary on Salvation, the Eucharist and Confession (I have yet to listen to the other CD’s). I really like your style on radio and on these CD’s you present the facts as a friend and a teacher. You do not come across as a lecturer or as someone who is imposing his own beliefs on others.
    May God Bless your ministry, Stephen
  • Gus – I am thoroughly enjoying the apologetics CD’s . They have helped me to understand many teachings of the catholic faith that I never had understood completely. I am a”convert” – have been a catholic now for 35 years, and finally, have found the deeper understanding and facts behind several doctrine that I had questioned. As I continue to grow and learn more about our faith, I find that I am also coming to the resounding conclusion that this is Christ true church and I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of this communion. Keep up the good works ! Blessings, Wayne in Texas

Jennifer was so thrilled with the CDs that she posted this message on her blog.

  • I would like to order four sets of these 6 CD’s. I purchased one for myself several weeks ago and have enjoyed it tremendously. It is the first time I’ve understood where much of my Catholic tradition is found in the Bible. I would like to give them as presents to my family and provide one to the Library at my church. Ty in TN
  • I purchased a set of your CD’s and have learned so much that I would like to share them. I would like to purchase 15 sets. God bless you for all you do, Gus! Ginger in VA

If you have listened to the CD’s, I would love to know what you think! You can email me by clicking here.

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