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Magnetic Christianity

This is the book that God has been preparing me to write all of my life. Filled with wisdom, humor and plenty of Scripture, Magnetic Christianity will help you identify and increase the attributes of a Magnetic Christian that God has built into you. By increasing these attributes in yourself, you will draw others to Christ. And as Christians, isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing? So many people in the world are searching for something – they’re not even sure what it is. We know that they are searching for God. But many people will never see God unless they see Him in you! That’s where your Magnetic Christianity comes in!

Here are the eleven attributes of a Magnetic Christian:

Positivity Humility Approachability
Enthusiasm Honesty Generosity
Friendliness Kindness Encouragement
Confidence Compassion

After many months of prayer, study and writing, Magnetic Christianity is now available! In Magnetic Christianity: Using Your God-given Gifts to Build the Kingdom, you’ll learn how to become a more Magnetic Christian by utilizing and enhancing the gifts that God has given you. This is the book that God has been preparing me all my life to write. Magnetic Christianity takes many of the principles of motivational, positive mental attitude and self-help thinking and puts them into a Biblical perspective. It is a unique book that every Christian should read! The goal of the book is to enhance the gifts that God has given us so that we will draw others to Christ. Get your copy today, and order one for a family member or friend!

In addition to the book, we also offer Magnetic Christianity as an Audio Book in multiple formats! The audio book is read by the author. If you are a listener of Seize the Day or have been a fan of Gus’ on the radio, you will LOVE the Audio Book!

Magnetic Christianity is also available as an e-book, in every popular format!

Finally, Magnetic Christianity is perfect for group reading and study! If you would like to order more than 2 copies of the book, please email me at

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Order the 3-CD Audio Book, read by Gus

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Order a copy of the book, plus the 3-CD Audio Book for a special price and reduced shipping, click below:

Order Magnetic Christianity as an e-book (Kindle, Nook, iPad, pdf)

Digital download of the mp3 Audio Book

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Hear a Sample of the Audio Book!

Many people have asked if they can hear a sample of the Audio Book version of Magnetic Christianity. Now you can! Hear part of Chapter 1: Positivity.


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A Minute in the Church

A Minute in the Church

In this easy to read booklet, you’ll find 37 one-minute teachings on how to explain and defend Catholic teaching. The reviews so far have been fantastic!

“C.S. Lewis said, ‘If I had more time I would have written you a shorter letter.’ Gus Lloyd has obviously done an immense amount of hard work to make what are often difficult to understand teachings of the Church, clear and concise. Back in my days as a Protestant pastor and when I was leading (i.e., misleading) people out of the Catholic Church, I had no fear of thick, hard-to-understand, weighty theological volumes. While these books were useful for seminarians, they were of little help to the average Catholic. Gus Lloyd’s one-minute apologetics would have caused me great alarm and perhaps have even prompted an earlier investigation into the claims of the Catholic Faith.:

“This small book belongs in the hand of every Catholic and especially Catholic teens. If I were a Catholic youth group leader, or a Confirmation teacher, I’d make ‘A Minute in the Church’ my textbook.”

Steve Wood,
Host Faith & Family heard on EWTN
President, Family LIfe Center International

Jerry writes: Love it! I personally think it should be given to every new Inquirer entering the RCIA program, all across the world.

Laura writes: I recieved your book in the mail yesterday and just wanted to say thank you!  I am really enjoying it as I am always looking to learn more about and increase my faith.  I could not put it down and am soooo happy I bought it!

You can order A Minute in the Church in quantities of 1, 5 or 10. I believe that every Catholic needs to get a copy of this book!  Order yours today! Just use the links below.

Order a single copy

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If you would like to order larger quantities of A Minute in the Church, please email

A Minute in the Church Available as e-Book!

Now you can get A Minute in the Church as an e-Book! If you have a Kindle, Nook, Sony e-Reader or another form of e-Reader, click on the cover below and you can download your copy of A Minute in the Church for just $3.95! Enjoy!

Now Available – Un Minuto en la Iglesia -
A Minute in the Church in Spanish!

Last year, I was giving a parish mission at a parish with a large Hispanic population. The pastor asked me if I had A Minute in the Church in Spanish. When I told him no, he encouraged me to have it translated post haste. He told me that so many of our Hispanic Catholic brothers and sisters are leaving the Church, mostly because they are not well informed about the faith. We recently had A Minute in the Church translated into Spanish, and it is now available!

If you have any Hispanic population at your parish, please encourage your pastor to consider getting Un Minuto en la Iglesia for his flock. Click below to order Un Minuto en la Iglesia.

If you would like to order quantities more than 25, please email me at

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