Pearls Before Swine

In our first reading today we find ourselves back in the Book of Genesis, reading about Abram and Lot. For our Gospel reading, we’re back in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7.What I want to reflect on today will be difficult for some to hear, and will certainly put some people off. Please be forewarned.

Jesus said, “Do not give what is holy to dogs, or throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them underfoot, and turn and tear you to pieces.” First, we have to understand what Jesus meant in His time. Dogs and swine were derogatory epithets that the Jews used for pagans. So was Jesus here name-calling? Perhaps. He did not single out any individual, but He was speaking of people who had contempt for the Gospel, be they Jew or Gentile. This advice from Jesus should strike very close to home for us in our time.

We are called to be keepers and defenders of truth. When we begin to capitulate to the world, when we start watering down our faith, when we go along to get along, we are throwing our pearls before swine. Those who despise the gospel, those who wish to marginalize Christianity and, indeed, bring down Holy Mother Church, are alive and well. When we allow these people to redefine marriage, when we stand idly by as they chip away at our religious liberty by forcing people of faith to violate their consciences (and yes, I am talking about the Obama administration’s HHS mandate), we are giving what is holy to dogs and throwing our pearls before swine. Rest assured that they want nothing more than to turn and tear us to pieces. This process has already started. Read the last part of today’s Gospel reading about the broad road that leads to destruction and the narrow gate that few will find. If we continue to throw our pearls before swine and sacrifice at the altar of convenience, we will surely find that broad road. Let us get a backbone and seek out the narrow gate.

Father, forgive us for giving what is holy to dogs and throwing our pearls before swine. Give us the strength to stand up for what is holy, no matter the earthly cost. Amen.

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9 thoughts on “Pearls Before Swine

  1. Chris

    Irritating and condescending . Mind your own business. Get your own house in order. Judge not lest ye not be judged.
    I suspect that will be the reaction of some (many?). I certainly felt it to a degree. I am one of those “go along to get along” Catholics who believes you do not discuss religion. politics and other people’s mothers (those were the three taboos in the Bronx where I grew up if you didn’t want a fight).
    The truth is, Gus, you are saying what needs to be said. Our complacency brings us comfort … but not truth! Odd that this comes up the day after the feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist. I think you too can be fairly characterized as a voice crying out in the wilderness, Gus.
    And I think you accurately predicted this morning that your message will not be popular. In that respect, you are in good company …. Jerome, John the Baptist, Gus Lloyd. Keep doing what you do (notwithstanding that you have unsettled many, including yours truly). Popularity is a poor substitute for truth.

  2. Joseph

    I agree with your point, and I enjoy your show, however, this morning as opposed to spending 20 minutes ranting, it may have been a better use of time to educate your listeners, especially new ones, as to what you were so fired up about. Not all of us knew what the HHS mandate was. The rant loses it’s point when we don’t know exactly what you are so angry about. I later, after listening to you show, looked it up, but many may not, and will just turn the dial. That’s just my opinion, it may be more effective, love the show!

  3. Linda

    First visit to your website, Gus. Thanks for all you do.
    I am currently experiencing a taste of not throwing my pearls before swine: because of some tragic circumstances, I have been living in a very difficult and trying situation. Basically, I live between drug dealers, one one the right and one on the left. While one household just does their thing, uses and deals, and leaves me alone, the other maliciously tries to harass and torment me. The police were called yet again night before last for those neighbors yelling obscenities and threats for about 20 minutes straight at me and trying to jet-blast my little dogs with their hose set on jetstream. After interviewing them, the police officer actually told me, “they said they hate you because of your Faith and your intolerance of drugs.” That I already knew. And I don’t even know them, have never actually spoken a word to them about my Faith. But the point here is, I’m not going to go soft on drugs and become accepting of their behaviors. I just continue to try to live my life of Faith and devotion to our Lord, and know it doesn’t always make me the most popular person, particularly in this neighborhood.

    1. Tony

      God bless you Linda!!! Stay strong, and may St. Michael protect you!!! I offer a pray for you, and your continued faith and witness! May God Bless you!

  4. Mary Lamb

    Gus, Everything you said, I agree with.However, saying this stuff and acting on it are two different matters. Its the acting I have problems with. In NY state, gay quotation marks (I am calling it “quotation marks” because marriage is not what it is) is legal and the choice in voting is usually between someone who thinks abortion should be legal up to and including the moment of birth vs someone who believes abortion should be legal up to 32 weeks. Politicians of both political parties are almost crazily and blatantly corrupt. So to say I feel disenfranchised is an understatement. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I feel hopeless.

    I pray a lot. If there was some group I could join, I would. But my church is focused on serving the needs of seniors citizens. And my suggestions fall on deaf ears. I am not criticizing my parish. I love my church. But it is what it is.

    This sounds like a whine but please if someone could tell me concrete steps I could take to stand up these swines , given the culture I live in, I would most appreciate it. Thank you.

  5. erin kozakiewicz

    Thanks for your reflection. We as Catholics really need to live and EVANGELIZE our faith and keep vigilant in the fight against abortion and stand up for our right to deny government laws that violate our religious conscience. We also need to educate engaged and married couples on the benefits of Natural Family Planning As a whole we needs to ponder and respect the intricacy of God’s hand in natural conception. Maybe we should be introducing the idea of Natural Family Planning to high school age children when they learn about the sacrament of marriage and abstinence? If a child can buy plan B contraception at age nine then we can and should begin Catholic Sex Education according to the laws and truths of the Catholic Church. Moreover, we need to teach kids to respect each other and not to use each other as sex objects for personal gratification.

    We need to promote the sacredness of marriage and the beauty and respect that comes from a sacramental marriage. We need to go back to teaching accountability for breaking God’s commandments.

    We’ve gotten too soft and too uncomfortable teaching what is right for the sake of popularity and fear of recourse.


    37 year old listener


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